Monday, 20 August 2012

Exactly What The Vigilantes Want

August 20, 2012 - 7:16AM

Stress on sex offenders increases risk of re-offending

"Rehabilitation programs help to reduce these offences in the community.

Making child sex offenders feel unwelcome could only increase their risk of re-offending, according to an expert in the field.

Melbourne University criminology fellow Mayumi Purvis, who has worked with child sex offenders to reintegrate them into society, said a holistic approach to rehabilitation was needed.

"If we're serious about this we have to be holistic in working with this as they will invariably end up back in the community," she said.

Dr Purvis said while many people supported the idea of rehabilitation in theory, in practise it was not always the case.

She said some concern from parents was understandable but attempts to push a child sex offenders out of a suburb may have harmful effects.

"Stress and inability to cope are often a risk factor to offending," Dr Purvis said.

"That pressure and terrorising of them, abusing them in the streets; that is elevating their risk [of re-offending] tragically."

She said child sex offenders were far less likely to re-offend than most other criminals."

Friday, August 17 2012 

Decor firm boss Malcolm Reeves threatens to throw himself under a train

"R's case was heard at Canterbury crown court

An interior decor firm manager caught ogling sick child porn threatened to throw himself a under a train or bus if he was ever freed.

"Judge James O'Mahony told Reeves that real children had been abused [weasel word] so that trade [sic] in pornographic images [sic] could exist [and?].

He went on: "You said yourself that people who do this sort of thing should be hung. I'm not saying that, but your perception probably chimes with a great deal of people in the community [and?] - it's a horrible offence [why?].

"I think it's abhorrent to you [I wonder why?] and you have suffered and will continue to suffer for what you have done [why should he?]. Nothing can justify it or excuse it [why not?], but there is hope for you [we do hope so, but, no thanks to you and yours, Mr O'Mahony]."

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