Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Is There Any Wonder The Damage Continues?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012, 4:57 pm

Prolific sex exploiter [the what?] resumes work with children

"The man’s professional governing body, who conducted a disciplinary hearing, is also under fire from Stop Demand. “Given the extent of this offender’s participation in, and fuelling of, the global sexual exploitation of children, the incalculable damage to countless child victims, and his extensive breaches of his professional standards, he should have been struck off,” says Ms Ritchie. “The fact he was not struck off raises serious questions of his governing body. Even more astonishing is that it imposed no restrictions on his future working with children, in particular girls.”

A common myth that such offenders generally do not pose a risk to children in real life is dangerous. Denise Ritchie says, “Neurological evidence shows that prolonged pairings of images with our most intense positive reinforcer - sexual arousal and orgasm - imprints itself onto a viewer’s neural pathways. In this man’s case, his masturbatory sexual arousal triggers were young girls. Reinforcement of his triggers was compulsive, prolonged and prolific – evidenced by his amassing over a quarter of a million illegal images.”"


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