Sunday, 30 March 2014

Curing The Incurable - Or, Not Even Trying, If You Are A Bigot

 What a Bourke
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Dr Mike Bourke 

Practice Profile: Champion of the innocent

Expert Interview with Dr Mike Bourke


Dr Bourke Wriggling Like A Worm

On Hernandez ...

The Butner Study Redux: A Report of the Incidence of Hands-on Child Victimization by Child Pornography Offenders

Then again ... 

THE BUTNER STUDY: A Report on the Fraudulent Execution of the Adam Walsh Act by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)

Is There a Link Between Child Pornography and Child Molestation?

Have You Learned Nothing?



SMART: Chapter 4: Internet-Facilitated Sexual Offending


"(3) The Butner Redux study by Bourke and Hernandez (2009), which is often cited in court proceedings pertaining to online offenders, was a statistical outlier in the Seto, Hanson, and Babchishin (2011) meta-analysis. This indicates that the study found an unusually high prevalence of contact offending history: 24 percent of the sample of 155 child pornography offenders had a known history of contact offending prior to treatment; however, following treatment (and polygraph examination for approximately half of the sample), 85 percent admitted to contact offenses or had an official contact offense history."

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