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CC Simon Bailey @CCNorfolkPolice

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5 December 2014 at 5:36am 

Police chief: 'Non-contact' paedophiles [sic] should be treated, not prosecuted

Dec 05, 2014 07:48

Perverts [offensive and inflammatory] who view child sex images [sic] online 'should be HELPED not prosecuted' says top policeman 

Friday 5 December 2014

Top police officer: many viewing child abuse images [sic] should be treated on NHS

December 05, 2014 5:46PM

UK cop wants child porn viewers counselled 

Published: 18 minutes ago (5/12/14; 12:13)

Top cop: Help paedos [sic] who only look at pics

1 hour 43 minutes ago (5/12/14; 13:16)

Child sex image [sic] viewers 'need help'

">Chief constable Simon Bailey has suggested alternative to punishment,
>Claims at least half of those looking at images pose no threat to children,
>He says mental health services should work with those offenders instead,
>NSPCC say people who view child abuse images are a threat to children,
>Police have database of 50,000 people who have viewed child sex images."

1:45PM GMT 05 Dec 2014

Half of paedophiles [sic] 'need medical help' and not jail, says chief constable

6 December 2014 Last updated at 08:01

Child abuse viewers [sic] need medical help - police chief

Friday, December 5, 2014

Some people viewing online child sex images [sic] should receive treatment rather than face court - Norfolk police chief

Published time: December 05, 2014 14:58; Edited time: December 05, 2014 21:20

Child porn possessors to be medically treated [sic], not punished – UK police overwhelmed

22:22 05.12.2014 (updated 22:32 05.12.2014)

Not Everyone Who Looks At Child Porn Should Face Prison: British Policeman

5th December 2014, 08:15

Norfolk: Chief Constable Calls For Health Care For Paedophiles [sic]


Now the logically-disabled zealots and ignorant, lie, smear and disinform ...

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December 5, 2014

Viewing images of child sexual abuse is child sexual abuse.

"We were horrified by the comments of Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of Norfolk police & the Association of Chief Police Officers’ lead on child protection and abuse investigations in the Guardian this morning suggesting that men who look at images of children being sexually abused, raped and tortured were “not all were an immediate threat”.

Men who look at these images or videos online PAY to do so fueling an industry which is based on the sexual exploitation and torture of children. No one “accidentally stumbles” on images of child sexual abuse, rape and torture. They have to search for these images and, then, they pay for them. This is without getting into the issue of “pay-per-view” child sexual abuse where men pay to watch another man torture a child live.

Images of children being sexually abused, tortured and raped are a growth industry because men PAY to see these images and videos. They look at the images knowing the children are being abused. They look at them because they don’t care. They believe they are entitled to watch these images of children being tortured – some as young as a day old.

These men need to be held criminally liable for participating in the sexual exploitation, rape and torture of children.

It’s incredibly frighting that the ACPO lead on child protection and abuse investigations doesn’t get this – that he confuses paedophilia, a psychological condition which very few have, with the vast majority of perpetrators who CHOOSE to sexually abuse children. And, that Bailey doesn’t understand that those who are clinically diagnosed as paedophiles are still making a choice.

We suggest that ACPO sign up Bailey and all of their members for some proper training on child sexual exploitation from an organisation who understand that viewing images of children being sexually abused, raped and tortured is a crime. That these men are financially supporting an industry which is based entirely on the rape, sexual abuse and torture of children."

So much emotive, incorrect, BS ... we will just let it lie, for now.

Why are you all, so blatantly, lying?


Have You Learned Nothing? - Causality and Correlation of Owning Images

Greater Than 30% Of IIOC Viewers Are 'Hands-On Paedos' - How Did This Mythology Arise?

When Judges Talk Rubbish - Voodoo Obiter Dicta

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"Jim Gamble: questioned the message being put out by police."

Even Then

Friday 1 June 2007 06.28 EDT 

Paedophiles [sic] 'need treatment, not prison' Jim Gamble says not all offenders should go to jail. 

""Viewing" paedophiles should be treated in the community rather than be sent to jail, the head of the national police child protection unit said today."

"Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), said too many people were being convicted of child sex offences to be dealt with in the criminal justice system.

He proposed that lower risk offenders, such as those convicted of downloading abusive images of children, should receive a police caution and then be managed in the community.

"We shouldn't be sending everyone that ever commits an offence - particularly of the viewing kind - to prison," Mr Gamble told BBC Radio 4's Today programme."



The World Tonight 

"The UK's leading policeman on child abuse - Simon Bailey - suggests that at least 50% of people who view images of children online should not go to prison - and need to be dealt with by the NHS."

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October 2014

Sex Offenders - time to step outside the anger?



Virtuous Pedophiles Exist 

"It is a commonly held belief that individuals with a sexual interest in children (that is, pedophiles) are at an extremely high risk of committing (or to have already committed) a sexual offence against a child. When people hear ‘pedophiles’, most immediately think ‘child molester’, ‘predator’, or ‘sex offender’.

Most overlook an important distinction: pedophiles are those who hold a sexual interest in children whereas sex offenders against children are those who have committed a sexual offence against a child.

These terms are not synonymous. Indeed, a large body of research has found that not all pedophiles are sex offenders, and not all sex offenders are pedophiles (Seto, 2008). Some pedophiles only have a sexual interest in children (exclusive pedophiles), whereas other pedophiles have a sexual interest in both children and adults (nonexclusive pedophiles)."


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