Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 2g)

Or ... Shane 'Adolf' Brannigan Has A Day At The Seaside ...

That is all it takes, lad.

Stay at home, go to work, pay your taxes ... pass your shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, entrapment, of low-to-no-risk, love struck and stupid blokes, information, to the police ... Job Done.

Not about that though, now is it?

Not what it is all about, at all.


Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do

There Is Now No Need (Still) For Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Dangerous, Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools


More to follow.


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