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Published on May 6, 2014  

SC couple plead guilty to killing sex offender, wife

Posted: Tuesday, May. 06, 2014 

SC couple sentenced to life for killing convicted sex offender 

"“Skinhead” tattooed on his throat and “White Power” inked on his bald head, Jeremy Moody --mentally ill with a dark past-- believed God wanted him to eliminate all sex offenders, including the man he shot and stabbed to death in Union County last summer, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

His wife, Christine Moody, endured a difficult upbringing marred by sexual abuse and emotional neglect --possibly prompting her to stab the victim and his wife repeatedly in their home, according to her court-appointed attorney."

Published: 22:44, 6 May 2014 | Updated: 19:52, 7 May 2014

'I wish we'd killed more!': U.S. white supremacist couple kiss and grin as they're sentenced to life for killing sex offender and his wife

>Jeremy and Christine Moody admitted to killing Marvin and Gretchen Parker in July 2013 and the Moodys were sentenced today

>The Moodys said that they targeted Marvin Parker, 59, because he was a registered sex offender and his wife, 51, was 'a casualty of war'

>'Killing that paedophile was the best day of my life,' Christine said as she left

>'See you perverts later,' Jeremy shouted at victim's family as he walked out

>Told police that they had a second sex offender target in mind

>Are self-proclaimed skinheads and proud members of a local white supremacist group in South Carolina

>Sheriff said that Jeremy Moody shot both victims and Christine Moody slit the wife's throat

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