Sunday, 27 April 2014

It Would Be Hilarious, If It Were Not So Sad And Worrying

Sunday 27 April 2014 01.41 BST

Paedophiles [not] to be treated as terrorists [well, that's a promotion then !!!] under new crackdown

"PM moves to close loophole [sic] that allows sexual predators [sic] to produce and possess 'manuals' [sic] to help them [sic] commit crimes

David Cameron said: 'I want to ensure we do everything we can to protect children.' [hahahaha - you tool]

Paedophiles [not] will be handed the same treatment as terrorists [employed by MI5/6?] under a crackdown on child abuse [sic] to be included in the Queen's speech.

David Cameron said he wanted to close a loophole [sic] that allows sexual predators to produce and possess "manuals" giving tips on how to identify victims, groom them, and evade capture [sic].

In future, they will face the same kind of sanctions as extremists who download guides to bomb-making [because, that is so effective, against actual terrorism].

The issue came to light after GCHQ and the National Crime Agency found online examples of the guides in the chaotic [?] part of cyberspace known as the "dark web""

12:56am UK, Sunday 27 April 2014

PM: Paedophiles [not] Will Be Treated Like Terrorists

Published: 27 April 2014

Paedophiles [not] to be treated as terrorists

27 April 2014 Last updated at 04:51

Downloading child abuse 'manuals' to be made illegal


28 April 2014

The war on paedos: grooming the public’s fears

"The interweaving of the narrative of terrorism with that of paedophilia is driven by a tendency to attach campaigns and causes to the cause of child protection. Since its inception in September 2001, the war on terror has always been far too distant and abstract to capture the imagination of the British and European public. However, perceptions about the threat of stranger-danger to children are very different. Paedophilia has emerged as an all-purpose focus of dread, which is why policymakers tend to interpret threats through the idiom of child protection.

There are many reasons why Western governments have proved so inept at containing the appeal of radical jihadist movements. The tendency to infantilise potential terrorist recruits and to treat their inculcation as akin to being groomed by a paedophile indicates that at least some counter-terrorist officials have become lost in their own fantasy world. It is likely that this war on paedophilia will be just as pointless and ineffective as the one waged against Islamist groomers. Common sense looks likely to be the main casualty of this war, and the professional demonologist its main beneficiary."


Sunday, 4 May, 2014

Paedophiles to be treated like terrorists

"Even somewhat overbroad legislation against “how to” manuals ought not to impact Heretic TOC legally, as this blog definitely does not incite law-breaking. Indirectly, though, it would have a very chilling effect. What worries me far more is the potential for yet another measure, because they never stop coming, do they? And what would it look like, this further laceration in our slow death by a thousand cuts? Now that we are to be firmly yoked together with terrorism it’s obvious, isn’t it?

Glorifying terrorism was made illegal by the Terrorism Act 2006. So logically the next step would be to ban the glorification of paedophilia – a “crime” that could well be framed to include saying anything whatever in its favour. This could spell trouble for Heretic TOC, and possibly for any advocacy aimed at lowering the age of consent, even by only a year. Now, that would really be a scary prospect for democracy."

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