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Pursuing? - When Survivors Attack - 6


Sick Britain @SickBritain1

Featured Posted on April 12, 2014

The UK IS a Paedophile Run Country and Parliament Is It’s HQ 

"I am currently pursuing [stalking, harassing?] a convicted sex offender who was [ah] in procession [sic] of indecent child images and who was allowed to pursue his sick [sic] minded perversions from his jail cell [sic]. Now released he continues to do the same behind the mask [sic] of an organisation called OSC ( ...

Due to the lack of police interest [oh, quite the opposite], I am making it my quest to take this to the press, if no one else will do it or assist, I will! I own plenty of TV Camera Equipment and have my own edit facility which I am willing to use. watch this space!"

Sick indeed.

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Therein, lies the fundamental problem, for these people.

Little knowledge of the law (particularly what registering, under the SOA 2003, is all about), operational processes and how many things happen, quietly and correctly, behind the scene ... often, little knowledge of anything of relevance; sometimes, just plain nasty and dangerous.

We try to teach them, but, they often have to learn the lesson, in a bitter way. 


Posted on April 12, 2014  

What / Who is the OSC (Online Sex Offenders Community) [what is a question mark?]

"Twitter have recently banned [sic] his @OSCP1 account and have actively closed down the following 10 accounts he tried setting up within 24 hrs [false-flagged 'spam' protection - yawn].

We have evidence of him intimidating victims of child abuse [good enough for court, we hope, for your sake] and sharing sites of interest to paedophiles using twitter. [Oh Noes !!!]

He always refers to himself as “We / They / Us” when in fact the OSC is no more than him probably [?] sat on a sofa with a laptop conversing secretly [?] with child abusing / paedophile members. He continuously refers to libel [never], being harassed [correct] when in fact, it is him pursuing victims and preying on child support organisations. [good enough for court, we hope] "


You have our email, above.

Your full, correct, name ... and then we can party ... oh, and make sure you keep up with this thread ....

Ladies And Gentlemen - Please Meet, Mr Mic Wright (Part 3)


Posted on April 13, 2014 

Love Is Love, Love Knows No Age, No Distance, No Gender 

"You Nigel are the lowest [!] form of life, despite your academic qualifications, you have no real [?] humanity, you are an abuser [?], a sex offender, in fact an unrepentant sex offender of the worst kind [!].

You are a danger to all children [?]. Love, you wouldn’t know what it was if your life depended on it. [!]"

You have a son? - oh dear.

Still no email. 


All-righty-then, being as it is in red, and all ;)

 ... bless 'his' lack of knowledge, logic and understanding (a bit of libel in there too :( ) :)

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