Friday, 11 April 2014

A Small, Yet Dangerous, Collective - When Survivors Attack - 5

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Addendum (14/4/14)

Twitter ... 

Ian Mcfadyen @IanMcFadyen1966 

@IanMcFadyen1966 is a dangerous cyber-vigilante - do not respond to him, or those in his feeds (or potential socks) - TY

@IanMcFadyen1966 is a dangerous cyber-vigilante - do not respond to him, or those in his feeds (or potential socks) - Police aware

@IanMcFadyen1966 is a dangerous cyber-vigilante - please visit our blog or email for evidence - TY

"Thief , liar, cheat , drug addict, beggar,violent man!" quote of himself, from Ian McFadyen

"I have lied,begged,manipulated,deceived & been dishonourable.I was an addict on the streets!" quote of himself, from Ian McFadyen

... and as Ian would suggest, a leopard can never change it spots, right?

Ian depends on his past victimhood for sympathy and credibility - but, that smokescreen is being cleared.

Good always outs, in time, let the police do their work, for now.

We expect more false-flagging suspensions, it is a price worth paying, to save lives and expose the truth.

... and, of course, there was.


In fact, Mr McFadyen is superbly-manipulative, likely-honed, by decades of 'management' and deception, in his working and private life.
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That was when he would not, or could not, be challenged.

He still plays the victim card, to his advantage, when it suits, slipping back into being a faux survivor, without concern; happy to trigger, at will, for effect and social profit. Exploiting the emotions and energies, of apparent survivors, so as to attempt to achieve his goal. 

We find, how Mr McFadyen defines himself, today, very telling ...

Former Caldicott headteacher jailed for years of abuse

As the record shows, we tried so hard, so as to avoid this conflict, but, Mr McFadyen has decided otherwise. 

His Passive-Aggressive behaviour and Static Risk, make him a dangerous man, hence, the requirement for a legal response. 
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More to follow.

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