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You See, It Is Confirmed, 'Liberty' Have Totally Forgotten What Liberty Means

Liberty? ... don't make us laugh


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11 April 2014 Last updated at 12:05

Paedophile's [sic] images of abuse victim cannot be deleted, police say

The paedophile's [sic] laptop contains images of the girl he abused

Dorset Police officers have said it would be "unlawful" to delete photos of an abuse victim from a paedophile's [sic] laptop.

The man, a family member, was jailed in 2013 for nine years after admitting a string of sex offences, including assaulting a child under the age of 13.

He has now formally requested a laptop and a mobile telephone are handed back.

Liberty, which represents the victim's family, said photos of the girl in swimwear and leotards were on the PC.

"It would be unlawful for police officers to alter the computer and phone's memories by removing the disputed photographs before returning them”

Dorset Police

Dorset Police said they could not delete the family pictures as they were not legally classified as indecent or prohibited.

As a result, the sex offender, who is in his 50s but cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, will have access to photos of the girl and her family when he is eventually released from jail.

The victim's mother said the family had been "traumatised" by the abuse.

"I am appalled that the man who abused my child can ask the police to hand over our family photos for him to keep for the rest of his life.

"My daughters struggle every day with the devastating consequences of his abuse and this will only make them feel more humiliated and degraded.

"Why should we continue to be traumatised further?"

'Violation of dignity' [sic]

Liberty argued that the return of the computer and mobile would breach articles three and eight of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protect against inhuman treatment and invasion of privacy, respectively.

In a letter to Dorset Police, Liberty said the prospect of having the photos returned to the abuser was "causing the girls a significant amount of distress" and would be "an enormous violation of their dignity and personal integrity".

The abuse has caused the victim to suffer "enormous psychological harm" and she eats very little, self-harms frequently and is at risk of suicide, Liberty said.

Rosie Brighouse, legal officer at the organisation, said: "We urge the police to protect these victims' dignity.

"It's surely common sense that these vulnerable girls aren't degraded further?"

'Fundamental error'

In a reply, Dorset Police said "present options" were limited as the legislation used to seize the phone and computer required officers to return the property.

The force added: "Furthermore it would be unlawful for police officers to alter the computer and phone's memories by removing the disputed photographs before returning them."

The county's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Martin Underhill, said it was not the fault of the police and has set up an e-petition to lobby to change the "fundamental error" in the law.[ah, a loophole, again]

He said: "How can we protect victims of sexual abuse if current legislation allows perpetrators to keep images of them?

"Think of the trauma this causes to the victims. And think of the control and power this gives the abuser.""

Anger over paedophile [sic] laptop move

Outrage as paedo [sic] to be given back laptop containing images of girl he abused

Outrage as paedophile [sic] set to have photos of stepdaughter victim returned to him - and there's nothing the law can do 

Police set to return child images to paedophile [sic]

Sex offenders 'must not be allowed to be given sick images back', says Dorset police chief Martyn Underhill

Attorney General to investigate case of paedophile [sic] who wants pictures of victim returned


Martyn Underhill @Tosh599

PCCDorset Verified account @PCCDorset 


Stop sex offenders retaining photo's of their victims

11/04/2015 09:35

"Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

I have come across a case which highlights how victims of sexual abuse are being let down. This case involves a man convicted for sexual abuse. When he was arrested, his laptop was seized by the Police. Now the man is convicted, the case is over, the man is asking for his laptop back.

The laptop contains images of his victims which were not deemed indecent. 

The law states that the police have to return the equipment in its original condition.

This is a Dorset case. Question? Should an abuser, be allowed to retain images of his victims? Think of the trauma this causes to the victims? And think of the control and power this gives the abuser? This is not the fault of the police. The legislation is wrong. It is double jeopardy for victim’s photos to be viewed by their abuser – it opens old wounds. Victims need better protection, Government should legislate to stop all victim images being retained by sex offenders." 

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A father cannot own legal photos of his child?

Little wonder, that they will not reply to our communications.

We may correct, all the glaring falsehoods and lies, later.


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