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How We Love Them - Publicity And Potential, Money Cannot Buy

Petition published by chris wittwer on Jun 20, 2012

Of course, Chris was the biggest Petition Tool.

Now a new breed emerges, fresh from LaLa Land ...

Here is a later draft ...

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No, No, No - you plonkers ... you must DEMAND !!! it happens.

Nationwide? - pah ... worldwide, if you please.




Ban Paedophiles & Sex Offenders From Internet Access 

"Petition by michael taylor, London, United Kingdom

Petitioning Protect Our Children

Ban Paedophiles & Sex Offenders From Internet Access

Offenders who have been tried and convicted of paedophile charges, including sex offenders who downloaded, supplied and viewed indecent child images, should be banned from having an internet connection and / or mobile device capable of communicating using mobile internet services.

The ban should be a life time ban reducing the risk of sex offenders pursuing victims and / or running paedophile related sites in which these offenders often converse.

The ban should be extended to use of internet facilities provided by private and public organisations such as libraries and internet cafes.

This petition has been set up in regard to such a paedophile support site called OSC (On-line Sex Offender Community) which provides support and advice to Sex Offenders & Paedophiles often providing links to sites which are aimed at Children."

Right folks, you know you wanna, correct names and locations, if you please ...

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Still no email, with contact details.

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As per, we will put them right, on a few things, in the future.


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