Friday, 26 September 2014

'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For October - Early

Sep 26, 2014 14:44

"Violent vigilante jailed after punching convicted paedophile [sic] with knuckle duster

"Nathan Murray attacked the convicted sex offender who had been friends for a number of years.

Vigilante Nathan Murray 'harboured a grudge' against his victim.

A vigilante with 'an appetite for violence' was jailed after punching a convicted paedophile [sic] in a street attack."

"Nathan Murray, 21, admitted unlawfully wounding the man, who was not named in court, on the afternoon of Sunday, June 22."

" His victim, a convicted sex offender, decided to give Murray a wide berth and tried to walk around him on the grass verge.

“As he walked along the grass verge the defendant went over and punched the complainant in the mouth,” said Ms Knight.

Murray, who was armed with a knuckle duster, punched him for a second time, causing a cut to his victim’s nose which needed stitching, as he told him “he shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets”.

“It was an unprovoked vigilante attack,” said Ms Knight.

Murray, who also admitted possessing an offensive weapon, told police in interview: “People like that should not be around Penywaun. If I wanted to hit him I would have killed him because he is a pervert."

“What you know about the complainant is neither here nor there. It is not for you to mete out justice – that is for the court to do."

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