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Stinson Hunter - Channel 4 Documentary


Stinson Hunter - The Paedophile [sic] Hunter Channel 4 Advert


The Paedophile [sic] Hunter - Channel 4 October 1st 10pm (Full Trailer)


The Paedophile [sic] Hunter


Stinson Hunter


Feb 11, 2014 14:13

Online crime fighter Stinson Hunter blasted by cops during public meeting

"At a public meeting held last night Warwickshire Police’s assistant chief constable Lewis Benjamin was asked for his perspective on Hunter’s actions.

Mr Benjamin responded: “He does it quite blindly. He doesn’t know if we’re engaging a police operation against his target.

“He may well drive them underground and ruin what we are doing.

“Secondly he could be putting the paedophile at risk. Some people might say so what? [... they've got a right to life, as well, and it could be endangering his safety... ] but also he could be endangering their family as well.

“People could get it wrong like that case in Cardiff where they attacked the paediatrician.

“It’s not a good thing to do.

“We have written to Mr Hunter and protested about his methodology and what he does. We are waiting to see what his response to that is.”"

Friday 25 October 2013 19.47 BST

Vigilante paedophile [sic] hunters ruining lives with internet stings

"Police say the actions of the vigilantes can be damaging to abuse victims as well as innocent people wrongly suspected." 

Published: 22:02, 8 March 2014 | Updated: 22:11, 8 March 2014

Police under fire for links with 'paedophile hunter' after teenage honeytrap drives man to kill himself

">MP, 46, was arrested after confrontation by Keiren Parsons,
>The self-styled web vigilante, aka 'Stinson Hunter', posed as 14-year-old girl,
>Police insist they have told him to stop and threatened him with legal action,
>He claims Warwickshire Constabulary have encouraged and coached him."

Posted on September 16, 2014

The Paedophile Hunter Airing on Channel 4

"Unsurprisingly in our totalitarian society I expect that the documentary will be largely supportive of Stinson Hunter. The documentary will inevitably try to pretend that it is ‘impartial’ and claim to be to some extent critical of Hunter’s extra judicial actions, however, it’s underlying direction will be that the ‘public’ (whoever they are) are ‘sick of paedophiles’. Hidden behind a veil of political correctness the documentary’s message will be clear: A final solution is needed for the ‘paedophile problem’."


"... at no point do I act as an agent provocateur ..."

Kieren Parsons, aka Stinson Hunter, 11/2/14 ...

 "It's like fishing... you put a rod in there and wait."

"Put a girl up, that, obviously, looks underage."

Google, 8/10/14

 How it, actually, goes down.



Full Paper:


ClutchOn&Win @RedliningMyGame

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October 2012

PSU Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Overview and Epidemiology 

October 6, 2014

Sexting is the new normal for high schoolers, study finds

"Researchers at the University of Texas looked at the sexting habits of an ethnically diverse group of more than 1,000 high school students. The study is the first to analyze the relationship between teenage sexting and future sexual activity.

About one in four teens is sexting, and sexting is firmly linked with increased sexual activity. Researchers found adolescents who had sexted were more than seven times more likely to have engaged in sexual intercourse than their non-sexting peers.

But they were not more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors - classified in the study as unprotected sex, a high number of sexual partners in the past year and alcohol or drug use before sex.

"That we did not find a link between sexting and risky sexual behavior over time may suggest that sexting is a new 'normal' part of adolescent sexual development and not strictly limited to at-risk adolescents," write authors Jeff R. Temple and Hye Jeong Choi." 

Oct 14 2014, 8:05 PM ET

Why Kids Sext

"An inquiry into one recent scandal reveals how kids think about sexting—and what parents and police should do about it."


Stinson The Paedophile [sic] Hunter

"It's like fishing... you put a rod in there and wait." – Stinson Hunter

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The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!!" 


Stinson Hunter does not, actually, target Paedophiles.

However, since the issue of sexuality and mental health have been introduced, readers may wish to access these threads ...


Oct 01, 2014 14:51

Stinson Hunter documentary director Dan Reed speaks to the Telegraph in run up to Channel Four screening tonight

"Dan Reed: 'Making a documentary like this is really pushing the envelope in terms of what we can do on TV.'"

Dan Reed

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Read them and weep (what remains) ...


The Kicker ... 

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23/10/14; 20:38


Posted: October 02, 2014

Support soars for Nuneaton’s paedophile [sic] hunter

Oct 02, 2014 08:30

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter raises over £13,500 for NEW project: 'Now it's time for brutal, no-holds-barred honesty'

"Sex attacker [what?] chasing Stinson Hunter is also ready to take on the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police on 'how they are helping or failing you'"


The Paedophile [sic] Hunter

"This observational documentary follows controversial online vigilante Stinson Hunter and his associates, who pose as underage children on social networking sites in order to identify and draw out men they assert have paedophilic predilections [sic]."


The Aftermath (thus far) ...

Oct 01, 2014 23:23

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter: Controversial documentary provokes passionate reaction on Twitter

"Social media users expressed an array of emotions from outrage to support for Stinson Hunter's controversial methods seen in Channel 4 documentary The Paedophile [sic] Hunter."

Oct 01, 2014 22:00

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter: 90% of Mirror readers AGREE with vigilante Stinson Hunter's controversial tactics

Oct 02, 2014 09:00

Paedophile [sic] Hunter: 55% of you agree with his work

"Response to documentary following controversial web vigilante in his quest to expose paedophiles [sic]."

11:07PM BST 01 Oct 2014

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter, Channel 4, review: 'disturbing'

"Channel 4's The Paedophile [sic] Hunter, in which an undercover vigilante attempted to trap sexual predators, was compelling, says Gerard O'Donovan"

1st October 2014

The rise of Vigilantism

"A look at the reaction tweets to the Pedophile [sic] Hunter programme on Channel 4, aired on 1st October 2014."

01 October 2014

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter, Channel 4

"Documentary about a vigilante in action is riveting and deeply discomfiting."

Oct 01, 2014 23:10

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter is a worrying watch

The documentary followed a controversial web vigilante in his quest to expose paedophiles [sic]

Posted: October 01, 2014

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter - John Woodhouse, TV preview

Thursday 2 October 2014

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter review – dark and disturbing

"Stinson Hunter’s brand of vigilante justice makes for gripping viewing – but it’s also menacing, haunting and uncomfortable."

Thursday 02 October 2014

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter: Twitter reacts to vigilante Stinson Hunter in C4 documentary

Thursday 2 October 2014 18.47 BST 

The Paedophile Hunter [sic] is putting justice at risk 

"Child sexual exploitation must be confronted but Stinson Hunter’s brand of online ritual humiliation may jeopardise future court cases."

Posted: 30/09/2014 13:21 BST Updated: 30/09/2014 13:59 BST

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter Documentary 'Could Encourage Copycat Vigilantism'

"A controversial new documentary following the actions of a so called “paedophile hunter" who publicly shames men he accuses of grooming children has sparked fears that it could encourage copycat vigilantism."

"Stinson Hunter, an unemployed former drug addict who went to jail for arson, is shown in a new Channel 4 documentary posing online as an under-age child before being approached by men sending explicit messages, videos and pictures." 

Thursday 02 October 2014

Stinson Hunter: the psychology of vigilantism and the Paedophile [sic] Hunter

"There is – and has always been – a paradox at the heart of vigilantism. Participants regard themselves as standing up for a mainstream moral code."

Thursday 02 October 2014

Stinson Hunter: Ex-partner of man who killed himself after Paedophile [sic] Hunter sting warns social media use could spark violent witch hunts.

"Exclusive: MP killed himself after he was confronted by Hunter." 

Posted: October 02, 2014

Parliament is next for Stinson Hunter

"But I am not going anywhere, I am not going to vanish, I am still going to be causing trouble but I need to plan what we are going to do next, and how we are going to do it."

October 3, 2014 - 9:05AM 

'Paedophile Hunter' Stinson Hunter a vigilante of the cyber era

"Hunter isn't the first to engage in anti-paedophile internet vigilantism.

"The US-based organisation Perverted-Justice uses volunteers to carry out similar sting operations, and the Australian organisation MAKO lists Australian sex offenders and their last-known locations."

A NSW Police spokesman said detectives had not seen any vigilantes comparable to Hunter and strongly discouraged people from conducting similar operations."

Oct 03, 2014 15:03

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter: Ex-partner of man who killed himself following 'Stinson sting' launches scathing attack

"MP killed himself after he was confronted by Stinson Hunter and now his ex-partner Rachel agrees with police, saying Hunter's methods are "very, very dangerous"

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Posted: October 06, 2014

TV vigilante paedo [sic] hunter Stinson Hunter is no journalist

" a 'journalist' Hunter should be working with facts, and in many instances, the facts are that, despite his work, the men he confronts are not charged with any crime by police.

As a journalist, he should be referring to the people he encounters as 'a man' and not by name.

He certainly should not be posting video content showing their face to the entire world, often putting them at risk of being attacked by people who know them in their local area.

When The Sun published images of Christopher Jefferies, suggesting that he had murdered Joanna Yeates, they ended up paying £50,000 in damages for ruining his public image.

The Mirror also had to pay out for publishing the same images.

Sooner or later what Hunter is doing will bite him on the backside, and once one person has taken him to court, many others will be sure to follow.

I'm not saying I don't agree with what Hunter aims to achieve – I give him my full backing if it means making our streets a safer place.

But there are already so many things that give journalists a bad name, so the thought of adding a vigilante to the list doesn't appeal to me.

He either needs to conform to the same standards that all journalists do, or he needs to stop calling himself one."

Published 15 Oct 2014.

Newspapers divided over self-styled vigilante ‘journalist’

“There are already so many things that give journalists a bad name, so the thought of adding a vigilante to the list doesn’t appeal to me,” he went on.

“He either needs to conform to the same standards that all journalists do, or he needs to stop calling himself one.”

The Tamworth Herald, Hunter’s local paper in his formative years when he was imprisoned after a £250,000 arson attack on an empty school, agreed that “everyone is united in their revulsion to paedophiles”.

But in a leader column last month the paper admitted that “Hunter’s methods can be divisive.”

The weekly added: “He has thousands of fans on the Internet, but many question what he does, not least the police who have shown real concerns over his actions. Similar stings by others have failed to end in convictions and left innocent people’s lives in tatters.

“That is the devastating power of the lens.”

The vigilante’s actions have had the most tragic consequences when it emerged that last June a 46-year-old man killed himself after he was confronted by Hunter over claims he had groomed a 12-year-old girl."


Posted on October 5, 2014

The Paedophile [sic] Hunter – Stinson Hunter and Dan Reed: Bias, Lies, and Intimidation

"The only part of the documentary with some resemblance of sanity was its interview with Rachel, the ex partner of Michael Parkes who committed suicide as a direct result of Stinson’s entrapment. She mentioned how her child will now grow up without a father. A very valid point."

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Posted: October 09, 2014

PCC Matthew Ellis hits back at public claims that police 'don't do anything' to catch sex predators

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Posted: October 10, 2014

Paedophile [sic] 'stings' put targets' children and families at risk, say police

"Some have questioned the effectiveness of the police to investigate these types of cases, but I would like to reassure the public that we have a team of specialist officers doing excellent work in this difficult area.

"Since January 2012, 164 people have been prosecuted for committing 404 sexual offences against those under 18. In the last 12 months we have launched 33 separate investigations into online exploitation, including working with the National Crime Agency on the high-profile national investigation Operation Notarise.

"We do not condone the actions of Stinson Hunter: the tactic of putting video footage of those he accuses of being paedophiles online goes completely against the vital principle of people being innocent until proven guilty in the UK. It also puts those individuals and their families, including their children, at serious risk of vigilante attacks.

His actions have many other serious risks: those he targets could destroy evidence before police had a chance to take action and he could very easily jeopardise ongoing police investigations into individual offenders or paedophile [sic] networks he is unaware of.

He could put children at risk of harm, for example by an abuser who feels targeted or threatened, or the police or other agencies not being able to put measures in place to protect abused children as they would do in their own investigations.

"We believe Stinson Hunter's behaviour is irresponsible. We have met with him on many occasions to discuss his 'stings' and where possible have tried to persuade him to stop, but with no success, so in January we served him with a 'cease and desist' letter. Despite a second letter in April, he has ignored us and continues his activity."

Further details on the risks posed by Stinson Hunter:

He could actually cause harm to vulnerable young people by not allowing the opportunity for police and other agencies such as Children's Services to properly assess the risk posed to any children associated with the abuser and put in place safeguarding measures. The protection of children from harm is our priority.

He could be unknowingly compromising police investigations. The individuals he is targeting may already be under investigation, and his activities could damage those ongoing inquiries. He could further compromise investigations into paedophile [sic] networks where law enforcement agencies are operating online. Stinson's activities in this way would actually damage criminal investigations rather than assist them.

He risks the destruction of vital evidence. His actions in trapping individuals, filming them and posting those films online could result in them destroying any evidence before police have an opportunity to seize it and pursue a successful prosecution.

He could cause harm to vulnerable young people by sparking an abuser to harm a child if they feel they are being targeted or threatened.

He is posing a serious risk to the families, including partners and children, of those he is 'stinging' and exposing on the internet. When the police investigate and arrest individuals, they do so as part of a wider operation within which careful consideration is given to any welfare needs of others who could be affected. His activities provide no opportunity for the police to put in place any measures to protect others who may be adversely affected.

For example, Stinson's method of filming individuals and posting them online exposes them to a risk of serious physical assault. We have already seen evidence to support this assertion, through comments posted online from people who have viewed the 'stings'.

Also, if the individual has children, they could be bullied or attacked, or the family home could be subject to attack, placing the individual's family and children at risk of serious physical harm."


The Egos surface ... 

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Posted: October 09, 2014

'Doing this has made me feel worthwhile' - Stinson Hunter exclusive

"I'VE never had a purpose, I've never felt like I belong or that anything mattered to me.

I was always strolling through life thinking I'll upset as many people as I like, robbing, stealing, taking drugs, beating people up and not giving a s***," said pervert catcher Stinson Hunter.

"Now I have found something that I genuinely care about.

This has changed me as a person for the better." This is how former Tamworth schoolboy-turned online vigilante.

Stinson Hunter described the immeasurable impact that exposing paedophiles [sic] has had on his life."


Expose of Stinson Hunter



The Paedophile Hunter; saving or ruining lives?

"Peter has claimed that this has caused him anguish and to his family. It caused his wife’s attempted suicide, his children not communicating with him, the loss of his job and ultimately the loss of his life. Some men who are what you could call ‘victims’ themselves have claimed their own lives due to the torment and desperate lives they lead after the footage surfaced on the internet.

Peter claimed to believe the girl was of age, but what of the other men who know the age of the minors? Should it be a private matter where only police and official investigators have access to the information? Are these men victims to online slander/defamation? Do they deserve the public humiliation and abuse?"


Oct 23, 2014 11:30

Stinson Hunter makes vow to supporters after Kickstarter appeal raises £32k

"Stinson Hunter has vowed to deliver on his promises after raising a staggering £32,000 to fund his next project.

Ex-convict Hunter has also been asked to go into two schools to talk about internet safety.

As part of the fundraising on the website Kickstarter donors receive different rewards depending on how much they pledge.

“The main thing I’m dealing with primarily is making sure everyone gets what they are owed,” he said.

“Then come the new year we will start looking at doing the other things we have been talking about.

“I have to honour the Kickstarter - that’s hugely important.

“Two schools have approached me too so I’m looking forward to that. Others, like nightclubs, have got in touch, but I’m not interested in anything like that.”"


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