Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Why Are These Non-Groomers Being Successfully Prosecuted? - Attempting The Impossible

For example ...

Monday 11 August 2014 Updated: 01/09 12:29 

Pervert [sic] trapped in underage sex sting

"The girl’s profile, on which her real name was used, said she was 14, and included a picture which was obviously of a school-age girl.

In fact, although the picture was of a real 14-year-old, it was a fake profile which had been placed on the site by a man called John Stokes, a member of a group calling itself Letz Go Hunting."



The Impossible Situation, in law ...







What we should like to see happen ...

We want inchoate offences, inapplicable, in the case of no real minor - ideally, the 'impossibility allowed clause', to be removed, for all 'offences'.

We want it made an offence, for a person, to carry out an illegal activity (entrapment and encouragement, in these cases), without direct, operational, contact, with the relevant authorities. 


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