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First published Monday 2 March 2015: Last updated 08:22 Tuesday 3 March 2015 

Photographer acquitted of trying to make money by taking pictures of convicted sex offenders

"A PHOTGRAPHER accused of trying to take pictures of two convicted sex offenders in Bradford and Keighley to make money has been acquitted.

Andrew Stone was found not guilty on charges of fraud and blackmail by a judge after prosecutors offered no evidence on the day he was due to stand trial, having denied the offences.

However, he was given an indefinite restraining order and criticised by the judge for his behaviour.

"Under the terms of the restraining order, Mr Stone cannot make direct or indirect contact with certain people or take or publish their photograph."

"Despite Mr Stone’s acquittal, Judge Pearson refused his application for £600 costs, saying “his behaviour is such that in my view it offends against principles of fairness and justice” and described his behaviour as “questionable”, “reprehensible” and “far from blameless”."

"“His behaviour in attempting to obtain photographs in some cases was devious,” he added."

"Judge Pearson also said he was not convinced that Mr Stone, of AR, St D, Southampton, was motivated solely by reasons of public good."

"Judge Pearson told Portsmouth Crown Court today that punishment of sex offenders was for the courts."

"“It’s right and proper that the public is protected from sex offenders,” he added.

“It’s also right and proper that all offenders including sex offenders have the right to be rehabilitated, providing the public isn’t put at risk.”"


First published Saturday 24 November 2012 

Man charged over 21 Southampton burglaries

"Andrew Stone, 46, of AR, St D, has been charged with two counts of handling stolen goods and will appear before Southampton Magistrates on December 7."



Published 22nd March 2015

'What a sly b**** making money off my back': Gazza rages at ex in 12-hour Twitter meltdown

"Yesterday, during online rants that went on for more than 12-hours, he also poured scorn on photographer Andy Stone who he accused of “stalking” and being in cahoots with his ex.

Gazza claimed he had called the police about the pair but last night officers said they were not involved in any enquiries concerning the star."


Published: 10:25, 21 May 2015 | Updated: 00:51, 22 May 2015

Paul Gascoigne, Sadie Frost and Shane Ritchie win big payouts from Mirror Group Newspapers as judge awards eight phone-hacking victims more than £1.2million damages





Protection from Harassment Act 1997


Blackstones Guide to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997


Restraining Orders - Section 5, Protection from Harassment Act 1997


"Following the implementation of section 12 of the DVCVA 2004, restraining orders may be made on conviction or acquittal for any criminal offence. These orders are intended to be preventative and protective. The guiding principle is that there must be a need for the order to protect a person or persons. A restraining order is therefore preventative, not punitive.

Restraining orders can only be made in respect of the defendant (not the victim or any witness), even if evidence in the course of a trial indicates that the behaviour of both the defendant and the victim requires addressing.

The test to be applied by the court before making an order is whether an order is necessary to protect the persons named in it from harassment or conduct that will put them in fear of violence. This necessitates an evaluation by the court of the evidence before it. It will require the court to determine whether there is sufficient evidence in front of it to enable it to form a view that an order is necessary. Restraining orders are civil behaviour orders and therefore the standard of proof is a civil one (R v Major [2010] EWCA Crim 3016)."



As Mr Stone is now, indefinitely and officially, potentially dangerous, to members of the public, he will be continued to be monitored, as we do for any such person.


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