Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Policing The Paedophiles - Depressives, Anxious and Bipolar Next?


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Are 'paedophile hunters' hindering police?

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Posted: June 09, 2015

Stinson Hunter style vigilante paedophile-hunting gangs increase - leading figures speak out

"LEADING figures from around the area have spoken out over the rise of vigilante paedophile [sic] hunting groups.

The group Dark Justice has been making headlines recently in Newcastle upon Tyne, by posing as 13-year-old girls to trick men into meeting with them.

By working with the police, they have been able to secure several prosecutions against paedophiles [sic].

The practice is not illegal, though some have questioned its morality while others have warned about the risks to the people involved and of jeopardising prosecutions."

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