Sunday, 13 November 2016

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 1b) - The Hunted One And Louis Webb

Louis Webb

louis webb @reallouiswebb

Louis webb @Nakedlouis89


12:28 "... to give him a piece of me mind ... I won't touch him, honestly
... fucking cunt ... fucking proud of yerself, are you, you fucking nonce? ..."

"You know what? ... if you do get out, on, fucking, whatever they call it,
... like the others ... I'll shoot you, straight in ... your ..."

"... can I get close to him ... I promise, I won't hit him ..."


12:50 ... Louis 'leans over'


13:15 "... I'd like to turn him over to you, mate ... but ... fuckin' ..."

13:32 "See, how don't you feel like that man?"

"We feel like that ... how don't you feel like that, 
... how don't you feel like smashing nonces' heads in?"

"I know you are one ... but ..."

"... why, why 'aint that in yer?"




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  1. Louis Webb... horrible sub-normal specimen of mankind... I suspect being a TV reject, he has to resort to beating up random men on street calls in Bexley-'eath.

  2. A so, very sad, post-truth, vacuous, empty, human being.

    Maybe he cuts a good chop.

    The OSC

  3. I'm liking your work, a lot. Please - don't stop exposing these people. As for Louis Webb, he is a horrid specimens isn't he? That video of him stripping naked in a hair salon, well, what a ghastly spectacle.