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Why Lawyers And Judges Are Rubbish At Mathematics - The Voodoo Harm Claims


(A) The, still, unproven proposition, which we will accept, for now,

Awareness (A1) = Harm 1 (H1),


Awareness (A1) + Awareness (A2) = Harm 2 (H2),

let A2 = 0, particularly, where Awareness is impossible,

Additional Harm (Hadd) = H2 - H1 = 0,

hence, in the absence of awareness, no harm occurs.*

(B) Now,

Viewer 1 (V1) = Harm 1 (H1) = Additional Harm (Hadd) = 0, as shown above,

Viewer 1 (V1) + Viewer 2 (V2) = Harm 2 (H2),

when no nexus is present, H2 = 0,

hence, there is no harm, from viewing material provided by another viewer, when no nexus to the alleged act, is present.*


*except those real harms, created by insane laws.


Sexual Offences Guideline Consultation

Section six: Indecent images of children

Response to “A Reluctant Rebellion”

Alexandra Gelber, Assistant Deputy Chief, Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice, July 1, 2009. 

A Reluctant Rebellion

Mark Hansen, Jun 02, 2009

A Response to Alexandra Gelber’s, “Response to “A Reluctant Rebellion,””

Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield, Researcher and Ex-offender in This Field.

[2008] 2 All ER 1065, [2008] 2 Cr App Rep (S) 49, [2007]
EWCA Crim 3079, [2008] 2 Cr App R (S) 49


April 2017 

The Unjust, Irrational, and Unconstitutional Consequences of Pedophilia Panic

"The fear and disgust triggered by this subject help explain why laws dealing with sex offenses involving minors frequently lead to bizarre results."


3rd April 2017

Working with sex offenders and paedophiles

NO nexus = NO culpability = NO harm = NO victim

"The typical client is dealing with intense shame regarding their behaviour, the shattering impact of police officers arriving at the door early in the morning with a search warrant, the distress of their family and friends and the threat of losing their job. So initially I work with these issues and I describe the experiences of other clients, whilst of course maintaining strict confidentiality. This helps them understand that they are not unique. I also look at the triggers for their offending behaviour, as this awareness helps them change their behaviour to avoid being triggered.

Viewing indecent child images is not a victimless crime – others have directly abused children in order to feed the offender’s appetite.

Unless the offender is able to acknowledge this harm then therapy will not succeed. I am aware that the quality of my work will influence whether the offender recovers or continues to harm others, including children. This pressure is particularly intense when dealing with offenders who have harmed children directly."

Michael Stock

"Michael Stock is a counsellor and psychosexual therapist from StopSO: The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending works to prevent sexual offending through therapy. StopSO is an agency that connects clients asking for help with a specially trained, experienced psychotherapist (or counsellor) who is geographically close. This service is available to anyone who feels at risk of committing a sexual offence, as well as those who have already committed a sexual offence. StopSO also offers therapy to the family members of sexual offenders. StopSO's aim is to reduce sexual offending by offering therapy to the (potential and actual) perpetrators in order to prevent harm, and thus protect society.; Telephone: 07533 996 906; "


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When Judges Talk Rubbish - Voodoo Obiter Dicta


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