Saturday, 6 May 2017

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 3b)

Saturday, 6th May, 2017 ... 'Julie': "We've been watching the house for 5 hours ..." ...

Target: "[Can you not have] your phone out while my son's there?"

'Julie': "No, camera's gets down, get put down."

Target: "Don't put that camera on my child." 

'Julie': "Yeah, I'm not putting it on yer child." 

Target: "That's good." 

'Julie': "Yeah, it's good." ... humphs and says, quietly, "fuck off".

... continues and escalates, 'Julie' and Co. make swift exit, as they are being filmed. 

Facebook comments ensue, including attacks, name and address doxing and related dangerous activities.

You are a lying, dangerous, cowardly, idiot, 'Julie' ... at least have the common decency and courage to show yourself.

Addendum 17:39

This is the idiotic mentality, of these dangerous fools ...

There is no arrest, no charge, no conviction, no one is 'on the run', other than a possibly-frightened, innocent, man.


(Embedded Tweets - click dates)


Addendum 21:08

These dangerous idiots believe, creating another (at least one) public order issue, is A Good Thing ...

Addendum 7/5/17 13:48

The affirmation from idiots is worthless, except to another idiot.

The thing is, you, actually, believe all this.

The family are entitled to access their property, however they wish, without fear of harm, harassment, intimidation or worse; your actions have guaranteed that these dangers have and will happen. Your apologies are empty platitudes. Do you really believe any report, on someone who has to notify under the SOA 2003 (allegedly), would be ignored by the police? Are you that ignorant?

As well as a fool, you are a liar, you know, exactly, how to manipulate your camera.

In the video of the target's father, you were asked not to film his taxi display details. Within seconds, you panned to the exact display. It was even recognised and celebrated, by one of your followers ...

Your whole life, existence and operation is based on a pack of lies, deceit and idiotic, dangerous, fraudulent claims. One day your history will be exposed. Then we will see you, for exactly what you are.

Addendum 8/5/17 16:54 and 10/5/17 1:02

Fortunately, the gentleman is alive and safe, allegedly, in police custody.

Addendum 10/5/17 15:02

Another public order issue. Today, 'Julie', and her useful, local, idiot, for no good or constructive reason, verbally-attacked, the noble, loving, protective, father of Mr DP (following the persistent, offensive and defamatory ridicule of, and attack on, both men, on social media). We will not link to the video, as it is disgusting, offensive, upsetting and an affront to human dignity; we will use it later.


By 12/5/16, all evidence, of their disgusting attack and behaviour, is deleted from their Facebook page; we have it.

Published on May 11, 2017 

Internet Interceptors' Sarah Doherty verbally abuses an innocent man outside Court


These dangerous, sexual, legal and criminological fantasists will fall, very badly, tick tock. 


None of this is necessary.


More to follow. 



  1. Have you got any video or a photograph of "Julie" a.k.a. Sarah Doherty from the Internet Interceptors? The whole world is keen to see what this woman looks like. Apparently she looks a lot like Ting Tong Macka Dang Dang from Little Britain!

  2. Dear S,

    Due to their deceit and lack of integrity, they lie about who their female (and male slave) operatives are.

    We cannot reveal anything, at this time, but work is in progress.

    TY for your comment.

    The OSC

  3. Dear JH,

    Thank you for the information.

    Anything more accurate and verifiable (images etc), would be much appreciated.

    The OSC

  4. Dear JH,

    Thank you for the extra information.

    Anything legal, to

    Thank you.

    The OSC

  5. I wish i had know this blog existed at the time i would of had alot to say. Julie and her crew of thugs filming kids aren't you supposed to protect kids Julie ? Just shows her for the evil witch she is. This footage of innocent children is absolutely disgusting.