Thursday, 11 May 2017

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 2f)


Shane wastes his time, money and effort, going live (no lessons learned there, then) visiting Grimsby, employing a group of local, useful, idiots.

The brave target outwits him, at every step, experiencing a barrage of common assault, offensive language and verbal abuse, showing what Shane and the idiots really are.

Shane initiates a major public order incident, inciting suicide and creating false, yet real, fear, aggression and possible damage, to the target's property and those around him.

Shane gets a round of applause, from a small group, of other local, useful, idiots.


  1. Why do you say none of this is necessary the man is vile sending a vid of a 9yr old being raped ?
    Oh I forgot you think it's ok to have sex with children

  2. Dear AP,

    Thank you for your comment, please click on the phrase, and it will take you to the relevant piece.

    TY again.

    The OSC

  3. Shane brannigan is nothing but a vile bully boy!! I can't wait to see the day he gets knocked down a peg or two by a bigger bully!

  4. Dear JodH,

    We do not condone violence. What we fear, is someone out there, now seething and plotting, looking for payback, and it may be on Shane, or, on someone more vulnerable than Shane :(

    Very worrying and sad.

    The OSC