Thursday, 20 July 2017

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 7)

20/7/17; The Swansong Begins, hear the pitiful whines*


As the 'Hunter' groups continue to shatter, and their work is about to be curtailed, by a civilised society, even those who despise each other, coagulate, for their last breaths of mob-handed, self-celebratory, idiot affirmation and ill-directed hate.


The target states, that he suffers from depression, and although that does not excuse these behaviours, that he cares little for the consequences of this vigilante entrapment; the mob laughs and scorns.

Shane replies,

"Do you know who you sound like?"

"You sound like Nigel Oldfield."

"When he gets a bit stressed, he likes doing child pornography."

"You sound a bit like him."

Shane stutters, in his hateful, excited, irrelevant, soliloquy,

"He could [the target, one presumes] be another one of these, tries killing himselves."

"Eh, out of pity, or cos he got fuckin' caught."

Shane has incited suicide in many of his targets.

The target, obviously, has no clue what Shane is talking about. The target is not assisted in his distress.

But, you see, Dr Oldfield is still here, rehabilitated and stronger than he ever was, and that was strong to begin with. Living a good life, with friends and family, having served his time, having wiped that slate well-clean. Dealing with bullies, as he has, since his teens.

Almost all unfortunate episodes, in life, may be overcome and, yes, things may change, they do for everyone, yet we may grow from them and embrace a constructive, caring, love-filled, life; Shane has not yet learned this truth. Sadly, he may never do so. Shane is empty.


Within today's toxic amalgam, Shane Brannigan, a man who believes that he would be allowed in schools to share the 'success' of his life, confirms his unbalanced obsession, with some of those who are his downfall, even though some have tried to help him avoid it. The others remain, the gormless, dangerous, thug, cowards, they always have been and always will be. Ultimately, time clears away the detritus, in a civilised world.

That is the nature of natural justice, law, intelligence and just desserts.



Who was Sarah's foulmouthed, thug, accomplice, who has "come out of retirement"... of course, it is another coward, formerly of the disgraced The Hunted One.

Would that be Danny Cook, the drug-addled (seller?), idiot, from Kent?  We think so. The eyes.


We are now confident, from two independent entrapments, that, in some cases, Internet Interceptors are now, essentially, selecting vulnerable targets and, actively, going after them, enticing the target, by their online presence. Who-knows-what may have been deleted, from 'the logs', prior to processing them for the police? Of course, the offences may be being committed, but, actual entrapment, i.e. what they do, is only a hair's width away, from illegal entrapment ...

When more evidence arises, we will report and act.


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  1. Shane brannagan avoided Gloucestershire police for 10 months and calls from them for under the revenge poen act