Monday, 31 July 2017

Dolly Mixing It Up - Moral Outrage, Panic And Funding Winning Again


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Jon Brown makes up sexology and criminology, as per usual



31 July 2017

Ex-school governor and church warden guilty in landmark child sex doll ruling

"A 72-year-old man has been found guilty of importing a child sex doll after a judge made a landmark ruling that the doll was indecent or obscene."

Published: 12:14, 31 July 2017 | Updated: 13:57, 31 July 2017 

Former school governor, 72, faces jail after admitting having sex with an 'obscene' life-size child doll as border guards report a surge in the number of the sick robots flooding in from China


Obscene Sick Filth - Depraving and Corrupting

Are you a Right-Thinking Person

Our fundamental freedoms, are destroyed, by the day.




Forbidden Research: Sexual Deviance: Can Technology Protect our Children?
May 6, 2017 

Can Child Sex Dolls Prevent Pedophiles From Offending?

March 22, 2017 

Scandinavian “Experts” Want Pedophiles To Start Using Child Sex Dolls

Jan 11, 2016 

Can Child Dolls Keep Pedophiles from Offending?


Child Sex Robots Could Be Used to Treat Paedophiles

17/07/2014 09:23 | Updated 17 July 2014 

Child Sex Robots Proposed As Way To ‘Help’ Paedophiles

April 2016 

Shin Takagi & Trottla: The Company Making Sex Dolls for Pedophiles

Various, Thread 

Health: The Pedophile, The Children and The Trottla Dolls

Jan 19, 2016 

Everything wrong with arguments against child sex dolls

14 Aug 2016 

‘I am an artist’: Man who makes child sex dolls for paedophiles


Should child sex dolls be used in the therapy of pedophiles?

August 2016 

Could sex robots and virtual reality treat paedophilia?

July 2017 

FRR Report: Our Sexual Future With Robots

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