Friday, 4 August 2017

When We Were Young, Stupid And/Or Disordered People Knew Better Than Proving They Are, In Public

Claudia requests our attention ...



Alleged victims, battling for supremacy




4/8/17; now down



Sweet-talking Claudia, certainly knows how to woo the guys, with her opening gambits ... 


Ms Priddy is electing to reply via blog posts.

We note the false accusations, lies and malicious communications.

We have the stated article, archived, and will be referring to it, more so, at a later date.

This issue is all being archived, due to the police action, threatened by Ms Priddy. 

We draw Ms Priddy's attention, to these posts ...

We also need to make it crystal-clear, at this time, that you are not a victim of anyone,
until a court, or equivalent, has decided on the guilt of a defendant.

Vague innuendo and unsubstantiated claims are not that.

You are not even a confirmed complainant, at this time, from what you have
 provided, in your public statements. All we have, is this, at 5/8/17:

If this situation changes, please feel free to contact us, at
with the details of your legal team and/or liaison police officer.

Please make it very clear, if you have waived your 'victim' anonymity, or not.

Further lies


Paedophilia; what it is and is not


More false accusations, lies, incorrect and unsubstantiated claims,
 and statements, ranting and malicious communications.

Miss Priddy is not a victim, in law, as she has now confirmed ...


As yet, Miss Priddy has not even, quite, achieved the status of Victim,
in the self-serving, 'Hierarchy of Healing' (Victim:Survivor:Thriver) ...

Of course, as she is now a proven liar, her unsubstantiated claims
 become even more dubious, in any case, so it is all moot.

She is grossly-offensive, opinionated without sufficient knowledge, 
toxic to herself and society, and disrespectful to the law and civilised behaviour.

She is very far from being a Survivor; not even a Victim.

Some of us have been there, so we know. 


Survivor mentality, thoughts and actions ... Really? 

We await contact from the police, as requested, above,
over the stalking allegation.


Stupid is, as stupid says

The Paedophile Next Door

The Paedophile Next Door, Backed By The NSPCC


(Embedded Tweets - click dates)


Being a paedophile is not illegal. 



Lying, incorrect, ignorant, grossly-offensive, malicious, fantasist ... 
and hardly trying, at all, to improve ... so very sad.

We await police contact, with pleasure.


We do not communicate, with rude, obnoxious, anti-social, ignoramuses.

Develop a civil tone, approach and correct knowledge base, and then we may do so. 

Once again, we direct readers' (and Ms Priddy's) attention, to these pieces ... 

Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 1 

Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 2


We should welcome, the contact details of any police officer, who has been involved.

Name, rank, email and/or telephone number, to


More to follow, we expect.

Information, to the email, on the right, as usual, please. Thank you.


Many of the points, raised by Claudia, have been, or are being, reported in these pieces ...

Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do

There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools


If you are affected, by any of the issues, raised, here ...

MAPs - you are not alone - very much, not alone ... - - - - - - - - -

Tor versions available, for most downlinks.

Thank you.



  1. Her behaviour is disgusting. She chose to put up pictures of her dressed in a black singlet with her pink handbag and closeups of her face. All looking like a common tart. Her statement to the world about herself. And she wears her Borderline Personality Disorder (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder) diagnosis like a badge of honour, presumably, allowing her to get away with this disgusting bout of harassment. It's all over her blog.

    I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I would never dream of writing such a shower of vile shit as she has done, all aimed at Dr Oldfield. She needs to go back to the classroom and learn the very definition of a paedophile, because Dr Oldfield is not a paedophile. Again, Dr Oldfield looked at images of children in 2002, he faced justice, was imprisoned and rehabilitated, and has never been defined as a paedophile.

    This woman is living in cloud cuckoo land. She was not satisfied just to send a few abusive comments, but many. And Shane Brannigan rejects her and Miss Priddy's rage becomes murderous when she gets knocked back (no doubt sexually knocked back by someone who looks like Shane), yet she still sides with him and attacks the editors of the Real OSC. The mother of all hypocrites.

    I wonder if Miss Claudia Priddy has the intelligence to sit down and understand that Borderline Personality Disorder and Paedophilia both appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). I'm sure she'd hate it if she faced stigma for her suffering a mental illness, which she no doubt didn't chose but still uses to claim benefits, yet she and Shane Brannigan and all the rest of their vile mob deny other people that right to be free from stigma because the subject of their vile actions might be an unchosen paedophile. I don't intend to enter the realms of psychiatry and discussion on whether paedophilia is or is not a mental illness, but Claudia Priddy is merely projecting her own self-hatred on to others. Projecting is classic symptomology of Borderline Personality Disorder. She projects what she finds so forbidden and unacceptable in herself, and therefore everyone else has the traits she so loathes about herself.

  2. Dear Josh,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We are concerned, for Ms Priddy, as she appears to have started her blog, following recent counseling; it appears to be a stormy road for her.

    It is her prerogative, of course, to express herself, physically, emotionally and through legal free speech, as she so wishes; we do not tolerate the converse, for the latter.

    You make some very important points and Dr Oldfield appreciates your timely and correct support.

    We can only hope, that Ms Priddy heeds our knowledge and counsel, as she continues her journey, back to civilised behaviour, and a stable and positive mental condition.

    Thank you once again for you input.

    The OSC

  3. Dear OSC

    Thank you for your response. I find it peculiar that my own comments and yours too were taken in screenshot and published on this oddball's blog, almost instantaneously. Miss Priddy proclaims her hatred for you, your blog and for the likes of myself as well, yet it would seem that at 2am on a Sunday morning she has nothing better to do than visit your blog. And from her own blog update, I now have been accused of being a paedophile.

    Let me make one thing straight to Miss Priddy: I myself was sexually abused as a child. I too have Borderline Personality Disorder.

    I am not a paedophile. I have zero sexual interest in children. I'm a gay man, 30 years old. Sexually, I like men from 30 to 50. Men from 30 to 50 are not children. They are not minors. That does not make me a paedophile.

    Now let's just wait for Miss Claudia Priddy to start word-juggling and conjuring something out of that. I'm a "nonce apologist" because I disagree with the vigilante paedophile hunters. And that, with her screwed-up logic, makes me a paedophile. I suppose that means I also murder childrens' souls and that I am the very cause of her own disorder.

    The thing I notice when I read Miss Priddy's "epistle" or blog, in all its tedious waffle, is that it is all focused on her. That's the problem with her. Too ego-centric. And when you become too engulfed in yourself, that's when the really serious pathological behaviour begins.

    Self-expression is fine, but it needs to stick within the confines of the law. Too often I have read malicious communications and online harassment from people like her. They think they have an illness and it gives them 'carte blanche' to post whatever they like.

    In her blog, she thinks she is a writer. Many people have told her so. I suppose that makes it a fact, then, with her logic? She waxes lyrical all day about her BPD and the medication she takes, all posted in intimate detail on her blog. If we were to believe her blog, she spends a lot of her day lying on her bed stroking her pussy (surely a Freudian slip for something else).

    I find it hilarious that Claudia Priddy goes after and tries to "pull" (I mean "pull" in the sexual sense) someone like Shane Brannigan. I mean, never was there a more bogging-looking hunter (well, maybe Julie from Internet Interceptors takes the title of physically the ugliest hunter, now that she's been revealed on social media, but, in the infamous words of Shane Brannigan himself, "we'll leave this here for now").

    I would have pity for Miss Priddy being a fellow-sufferer of BPD but she elicits no pity whatsoever, only contempt at her feeble-minded attempts to call out everyone else as paedophiles or murderers of childrens' souls.

    But the difference between her and I is that I'm having a stab at getting on with life, trying not to be too bitter about things, and certainly not standing on stage saying "look at me, here I am" the way you are. It's really toxic, anti-social behaviour and I would have thought Miss Priddy's psychiatrist would have warned her about that. But no, they say with us Borderlines that it's entrenched behaviour, that we are untreatable and manipulative.

    I'm even capable of opening a dictionary and looking up the definition of the word "Paedophile" and concluding that I am not a paedophile and neither is Dr Oldfield.


  4. Continatation from first comment.

    PS I don't hide behind a fake account, with no pictures, Miss Priddy. I have plenty of pictures, but unlike you I don't splash them all over social media to get people to "look at me". Maybe that's the difference between you and I, Claudia Priddy. You might well be a low-functioning Borderline, whereas I have learnt over the years to adapt to my situation, to be considerate of others and listen to others even in the face of hatred, and not just bulldoze anything I disagree with.

    PPS There is plenty of support towards Dr Oldfield and his team and the Real OSC. Plenty of support aimed at either regulating, or removing the vigilante paedophile hunters, all together. And it is not support from paedophiles. It's from ordinary people out there who just don't agree with, and won't tolerate this vile form of vigiliante behaviour. It's vile and wrong and hateful on so many levels. And just because I express that opinion, it does not make me a paedophile.

    PPPS Might wanna get your psychiatrist to run some further tests, maybe determine if you actually have a multiple diagnosis. Not just BPD. I'd guess it could also be anti-social personality disorder, judging from all your malicious communications. I'm sure there'll be plenty of spikes on your diagnostic chart. Why don't you take a copy of the personality disorder screening test, and re-publish it on your blog? Colour the nice little columns in with some coloured crayons whilst watching Playschool and the Muppets and stroking your pussy.

  5. Read all about the glamour, loathing and self-deception of Miss Claudia M G Priddy of Bargoed, South Wales. She should know better.

    Please read above link to see what 'normal' people of the UK deal with on an everyday basis, on the streets, in supermarkets, everywhere --- it's the likes of Claudia M G Priddy who might not just be borderline, but could well be far worse. This is the one real reason the white underclass have become so sink-hole.

    Claudia, tell us all about your vile, malicious, baseless abuse of innocent people on the internet.

    Claudia, whilst you spent 2 hours of your precious Sunday writing your shite and avoiding any of my questions, I was out having a good time, celebrating life, embracing equality and knowing the difference, speaking to people, meeting all types of people and thinking "this is life". You wouldn't have a clue. You wouldn't have a clue because I'm in Vauxhall London SW8 and you're in some cess-pit of a Welsh valley.... I don't think you get out. I don't think you leave your Bargoed flat. And, critically, you, Claudia M G Priddy, got back-handed, viciously, by Shane Brannigan [yeh, Shane Brannigan rejected you, did it make you self-harm?], you live in some shit-hole called Bargoed, South Wales (yeh, great location, not chosen by your choice, I'm sure. Just why did you ship out of such a trendy, cool place like Exeter and move to some god-forsaken shit-hole, end-of-the-world-town like Bargoed?).

    In the self-obsessed drivel that you wrote you actually called Shane Brannigan "handsome". How so? Like David? Or Michaelangelo? Or are you just back-pedalling after you called him ugly and rude on social media? Social media aside, I do not think anyone, objectively, would ever, ever, ever call Shane Brannigan "handsome". The same way for Julie of Internet Interceptors (yes, photos and videos are all over social media - so we can objectively assess Julie's "beauty"). I do not think anyone, anywhere, whether drunk, stoned, fucked or how-so-twatted would ever call her attractive. Which is why she spends all her living hours on the internet pretending to be a 14 year old girl.

    Claudia, you wrote about Shane Brannigan "He’s handsome as fuck, you’re just jealous." The problem with your Borderline Personality Disorder is that it bends reality. Yes, that's right. Two days ago you were writing (publicly) how ugly Shane is and how much you hated him. And now he's as handsome as fuck. Really? And you call me jealous. Jealous, of what, precisely? If Shane - and yourself for that matter - are so beautiful - why don't you apply for the next Ex on The Beach or Love Island? I'm sure you're as shallow and vain as all the gliteratti who appear on those shows. Sorry babe. Here's the sucker punch. You... and Shane.... you are where you are because you chose it. Ugly on the inside. Ugly on the outside. Ugly to the bone. And you know us Borderlines, it's all intractable. Sorry baby, I know that must hurt your borderline sensibilities. But it's the truth.

    I don't ever intend to engage with some as weird and warped as you over your ridiculous, shallow postings on your ridiculous, narcissistic, meaningless, and vapid "blog", but you could, perhaps, if you've quaffed enough Olanzapine, Zopiclone, Fluoxetine, Sodium Valproate, marijuana and cocaine, answer the following questions:

    (a) what is a paedophile?
    (b) why do you think Dr Oldfield is a paedophile and how so?
    (c) why am I a paedophile (and please post definitive and substantive evidence as to why I and Dr Oldfield are paedophiles).

  6. Miss Priddy

    I have read your latest update on your blog.

    You don't make sense.

    Nothing you've written makes any sense. It's all gobbldeygook and mumbo-jumbo.

    I asked you to provide proof - definitive and substantive proof - that I am a paedophile. And all you've written is a load of meaningless rubbish.

    You did that because you cannot prove I'm a paedophile. And you cannot prove I'm a paedophile because: (1) I'm not a paedophile and (2) I'm an internet pseudonym. You cannot possibly satellite-diagnose an internet pseudonym. Or do you think you can?

    What your illness has done to your reasoning is blur the lines of reality, and the concept of duality: just because I don't agree with the bullying, hate-filled behaviour of the vigilante paedophile hunting groups does not mean I fancy children. It does not mean I'm a paedophile. It means I think they should be arrested and face justice, but not like the way it's played out on social media.

    I disagree with the vigilante paedophile hunting groups because men have committed suicide after being stung, some of them weren't even paedophiles; there have been cases of mistaken identity or malicious entrapment. And even if they were paedophiles, is that really a decent, civilised way to treat someone? I mean, really?

    The likes of Julie and Shane and all the rest of them publish the sting videos even before the targets have faced a fair trial. By publishing this online, they are putting it out there that these men have already been found guilty by the paedophile hunters themselves - trial by social media.

    I note also the high number of targets with learning disabilities or mental illness stung by Internet Interceptors.

    I don't think there's any point you saying any more on your blog. You're clearly getting some absurd sexual kick out of churning out your rubbish. Can you not see the bitter hatred you are projecting from your blog? I thought it was supposed to be about recovery and moving on?

    I think my valedictory words to you would be about your grammar and spelling. You'd be better off spending your time brushing up on your grammar and spelling; for such a "celebrated writer" as you, your grammar and spelling are piss-poor.

    Oh... does that make me a paedophile as well, because I appreciate proper grammar? Yeh, I bet it does with your retarded logic.

    Goodbye Miss Priddy. It's been a real pleasure.

  7. This disgusting sub-human specimen is now known by the name Stella-Rayne Priddy. Would you please post an update to reflect her change of name, She is brutally trolling people who have done nothing on Twatter. Maybe an update piece on her as well? cheers

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Yes, she is disgusting, for sure, but, we do not see anyone, as sub-human, just lacking in humanity.

      Your post, has served the purpose, you requested, at this time.


      The OSC

  8. Stella-Rayne Priddy is a disgrace to real survivors of CSA.

    I suffered CSA and she abused me online, called me a liar, said I was a paedophile who should slit my own wrists, and said I made it all up. Which I didnt and which she has been unable to prove.

    How anyone can spend all day on Twitter, parading around as she does, as some grossly-offensive, smarmy BPD-suffering CSA survivor when she is anything but. The label "child sex abuse survivor" used by her to describe herself is grossly offensive to myself and real CSA-survivors.

    Rumours are circulating that Stella-Rayne Priddy is actually just a liar and a fraud and none of her CSA ever actually happened. I am utterly disgusted to find her comments and screenshots here of the abuse angled at you and the REAL OSC. She needs locking up.