Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The 'Hunters' Are Restless

So laughably-incorrect, we laugh ...

... but, any disruption, is good disruption, amongst the idiot fraternity.

The person you really need to be thinking about, as a major problem, is a certain, Mr 'Gordon Sumner' :(

That would be, this, dangerous, recently-unstable, sly, vacuous, fool, liar and coward.

'Sumner', has been in telephone conversation, with Dr Oldfield, since late August ...
... maybe, we will publish, one or two, recordings ...
 ... maybe, we will save them, for later, potential, legal, action.
 As an antagonist, using false IDs and voices ...
... he attacks and undermines, established 'hunters' and others ...

... we suspect, he was behind the initial disclosure, of the SJ team,
... causing their fears and response.

The OSC never published GS's real name, although it is well known.

The OSC has never removed an image, or a name, of a 'Hunter' etc ...
... GS's images, still remain.

Why would The OSC care about chat logs? ...
... we know more, about the process, than most of the 'Hunters'.

Dr Oldfield's number, was 'provided', by design, to 'Sumner' ...
... at the initial contact (from the provided email), when he phoned 'Sumner'. 

There were no threats or attacks. 'Sumner' played the part, of a confused, ...
 poor-English-speaking, man ... really.

Dr Oldfield, then left a message, on the voicemail, purported to be that of GS. 
This then led, to Dr Oldfield, being called back, once, by GS ...
 ... so as to clarify, the lies and distortions, created by the nefarious actions, of 'Sumner' ...
 ... we are told, this was a 'three-way', thus, 'Sumner' involved, once more.

This is because, The OSC does not endanger, and will protect, the safety and lives ...
 of individual adults and minors.

'Sumner' (as all members of Internet Interceptors), is the opposite.

Not one piece of information, was shared by GS, with The OSC, other than the email,
.... signed as Internet Interceptors, or, you would already know about it ...

... For the record, almost nothing, in the email, was news to, or valuable to, The OSC.

Another lie ... from who? Easy to guess.
Just sayin' :(

We are not taking calls, from 'unknowns' (mainly 'Sumner', of course), on the business device (at this time), so emails to therealosc@gmail.com, if you please, or a comment, here (anonymous and moderated).

We would be delighted, to drain the dangerous and sly, from your community; they are no good, to anyone. 


Not an OSC endorsement, a statement of fact ;) ...

Ironically, you have lost, one of your best, most honest, most law-abiding (in public) and respected 'hunters'; the very, public, model, of what any legal authority may allow, in the future; something 'Sumner' (or Julie) will never be ...

Which is what 'Sumner' (actually, Julie, of course) was after.

What a price to pay, for the hurt pride, of a few, low-resilience, scorned and spurned, snowflake, decoys, gold-diggers and the needy.

This is all an incestuous set-up, for sure (empire-building, is the norm, in these groups). Initially to obtain Dr Oldfield's location, by subterfuge, following the stalking and attack, and relocation, in late August; but, for Julie, it offered so much more.

Julie now exploits it all, to the full; an Emotional Vampire; that is what she does. She is a manipulative, controlling, self-absorbed, hateful, lying, exploiter; this is the revenge and payback, for her history and supposed pain, unfortunately, against all the wrong people. There are many Emotional Vampires, amongst the 'Hunter' and 'Decoy' 'Community'.

This is why, she will always be ignored (even shunned, other than being a useful, idiot, number-provider, for the police), by the authorities and civilised society; she is the voice, of the toxic, white, underclass; little more.

As more, essentially-harmless men, are convicted, offence normalisation occurs; the sentencing will continue to decrease; the opposite, of one of Julie's, supposed, objectives.

BTW ... It helps us too - TY.


Oh ... for the record, legally and otherwise, The OSC has no connection, to all the spoof videos, doxing etc.

You have made (and continue to make), so many more, dangerous, enemies, than we will ever be.

You all are; slaves and prisoners, of your own creation.


Mr 'Sumner' ... Publish all your recordings, show us where the knots are, do educate us; we challenge you; we will respond.

Go public, not in your self-gratifying, masked, echo chamber, denying any debate or clarification. When you are ready.


At least we know, GS is absolutely honest and correct, on two things ...

Dr Oldfield is not a Paedophile (never was) and not a nonce (not in prison); please do let Julie know.








No, Dr Oldfield did not ... go on Mr 'Sumner' ...

... post them all, unedited and raw. 

We dare you.

Please note the 'true' part ... and the need to be known or proven (i.e. they must be true).

More to follow.



Always more to follow.



  1. What the NSPCC probably don't acknowledge is that a good proportion of those 'extra offences' will be due to vigilantes 'catfishing' men on adult dating sites - which are sites that no real children have been proven to exist on to date.

    The figures are a false representation, so their suggestion that police need to be trained and funded better, would only be true in part at the most.


    1. Dear Anonymous,

      TY for your comment. You are, of course, correct.

      Yes, there are so many myths, lies, empire-building and funding issues, surrounding this hysteria.

      The NSPCC and Police (and others) assist each other, in the 'need', for securing extra funding and kudos.

      As Angry Harry taught us; So it ever was.


      The OSC

  2. The person running this page thinks you've caused lots of pain for many people (I assume he means 'pain' considering he can't even spell it).


  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Mr Ferns is, a mentally-unstable, liar.

    The police are now dealing with him.


    The OSC

  4. I suggest you get the police to hurry up and take action. They have a time limit and those days are turning to weeks, the weeks to months.

    If the police were taking you serious - they’d have pulled the relevant people in by now.

    You’re just not that important! You put police in a awkward situation, because they know who you are and what you do lol

    1. ... if you feel, that you should be part of this process, please provide a verifiable name, phone and address, to therealosc@gmail.com


      The OSC

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    TY for your comment.

    The CRN confirms the reality.

    We have be awaiting, any further attacks, from the relevant parties and decisions on court actions. These processes, may be slow, but sure.

    We will update, when action, has occurred.


    The OSC.

  6. TICK TICK Snigel Youngfield. Provide a CRN and let’s get this show off the ground!

    Less talk - more action!

    1. If you feel, that you should be part of this process, please provide a verifiable name, phone and address, to therealosc@gmail.com


      The OSC

  7. We’re all making plans, for Nigel!

    Round 1 was just a taster... Big things to come!

    1. We refer you to the previous advice.


      The OSC