Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Reasons, 'Hunters' Do Not Do, What They Should Be Doing

Basically, This ... foolish and afraid.

Good point, on the last issue, Paul ...

... and Mavis.


Societal 'Reward' versus Investment in Time, Energy and Money, from the 'Hunters' ...

(A) Online 'Grooming'

(1) Risk of any harm, to any minor or adult, from the grooming sessions

Minimal to zero.

(2) Risk of any serious harm, to any minor or adult, from the grooming sessions


(3) Risk of an actual meet, thus, any harm

Essentially, zero. 


Now, compare the impact, of the collectives and individuals, these 'Hunters', do not target ...

(B) Other Criminal Activity

Illegal Drugs, Antisocial Drinking, Burglary, Mugging, Theft, Receiving Stolen Goods, Prostitution, Trafficking, Dangerous Driving etc, and the subsequent Impact on Localities (where, many of these 'Hunters' live, ironically), via Antisocial Behaviour and Decline of the Areas/Property Prices etc.

Let us also not forget, the massively-larger grooming danger and risk; i.e. that from other minors.

(1) Risk of any harm, to any minor or adult, from these non-targeted criminals

Medium to extreme.

(2) Risk of any serious harm, to any minor or adult, from the non-targeted criminals

Medium, through serious, to fatal.


So, why do the 'Hunters' do what they do, and not do, what they should be doing, being all so public-spirited, wishing to raise awareness and wanting to do it to protect the kids?  


What they are doing, presently, is virtually nothing, in protecting minors, however, it is endangering many more, now, and in the future.

So, Why?

Well, mainly, because they are often Antisocial Simpletons, with little education and/or no understanding of criminology, risk assessment and related fields. Many do it for sport (Othering/hatred for, those they do not like, or agree with) and/or payback (the proxy-targets, having no connection, to their alleged abuse, in the past, of course), and after the thrills wear off, and the money/kudos declines, they get bored and disappear; this is the good part of it all; time heals.

They are often cowards, alone, with skeletons/criminal records in their own cupboards, and/or are involved, in the criminal fraternities, themselves.

The 'muscle', seems to be a graveyard, of hyper-steroidal, knuckle-dragging, ex-military, ex-and-present 'door supervisors' (now being superseded, in employment, by calmer, more professional, replacements, not being able to 'take punters around the back, for a duffing up') and failed 'MMA' 'fighters'/boxers. We have yet to see one, employed in a worthy and/or non-manual profession or skill; personality disorders and low IQs, in these communities, are, clearly, rife.

The decoys, well, really, who cares? Gobby, failed, frumpy and/or simpleton, women, older and younger, sitting at home, on benefits, in the main, looking for payback; they will fade and are doing so, far too much effort needed; decoys wanted; personality disorders and low IQs, in these communities, are, clearly, rife.

There is a small group, of disaffected (thus, often, unemployable, within their social mindsets, although not stupid), younger men and women, amongst their number; White Knights also, are within. Many haters and trolls dwell here, but, are not, only, restricted to this younger group; personality disorders, in these communities, are, clearly, rife.

As for the Idiot Affirmation, from their social media followers (actually tiny, in consistent numbers, in real terms, creating noisy, vicious, small, echo chambers, rarely allowing informed, balanced, intelligent, discussions to occur.). It pains a reasonable and intelligent person, to have to read through it all, day-by-day; personality disorders and low IQs, in these communities, are, clearly, rife.


14/10/17; Oh, and the confused and befuddled, who are unable to read or interpret,
correctly, who would once, for example, have been busy miners (albeit, turncoat)
or brewery workers; keeping themselves gainfully-occupied and tired; however,
those jobs are not there, anymore, sadly; they are vacuous, societal, dinosaurs.

Odds-on, they were a certain type of Brexit voter, as well,
and, please, do note the spelling.

Despair, in the affirmation, of idiots.

There is little problem, in being stupid, slow, 'thick', or being on, unchosen, benefits etc ... just learn and evolve, as you go along, and improve yourself and society; but base it, mainly, on evidence, not on emotive gut feeling, fear, hate and ignorance.

Prove us incorrect. 

Please carry out some real and effective Social Goods, tackling those crimes, described above, and not the pointless, but increasingly expensive, dangerous and empty waste of lives, you, presently, live within and help create; for the kids, the adults and the true goods of society; focus on the real dangers. 

You will reap real rewards.



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  1. A highly accurate summary once again.

    The first thing these 'hunters' need to do is understand why mainstream media and police refer to them as 'vigilante,' and then admit to themselves that they fit the description perfectly - instead of getting all upset before launching into an emotional rant about how they can't be, based on the fact they don't beat anyone up.

    a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.''

    If I was tackling any one the crime you mention at the start of this latest blog, I would actually class myself as one automatically.

    The main issues with these 'hunters' is that their motives are questionable. Evidence oh seeking finance, fame and adulation from the public is still as present (and obvious) today as it was when Stinson Hunter appeared on the scene.

    The authorities need to have a long hard think about whether or not they really need vigilantes tackling crime, and then do something about it.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    TY for your comment.

    You are, of course, correct and we detail your point, within here ...

    TY once again.

    The OSC

  3. Once again, you have pretty much nailed it. An echo chamber populated by simpletons and controlled by the hunter is a dangerous thing. Simpletons get fired up easily, which is what the hunter is looking for as their blood lust merely confirms what to him what he is doing is right. Pretty much the terminally clueless leading the hard of understanding down the garden path. They are not only a danger to the general public but a danger to themselves, far more danger than the alleged "Wrongun" they loathe.

    Always remember rule #3

    1. Dear Mr Benn,

      We concur.

      TYVM for your input.

      The OSC

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