Thursday, 7 February 2013

Broken Truths? (Part 1)

Presently, there is a bit of a Twitter War, in progress, between The Sun's 'journalists', authors, public figures and company directors, Ms Shy Keenan and Ms Sara Payne (are you declaring your earnings, ladies, to those who need to know?), and a number of people, who are challenging Ms Keenan's version of reality, in regards to one of her books, 'Broken'.

Ms Keenan and Ms Payne, also seem to experiencing some confusion about the nature of 'stalking', in case law and Statute.

Now ... retired (?) police officer, Jim Gamble, is on the case; we are following the issue, with great interest.

Better have a look, Jim.

Oh ... BTW, please let us know (by name) who this mysterious 'Paedophile'/'Sex Offender' is, won't you?

Or is it that a fabrication?


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