Wednesday, 20 February 2013

When Lies And Disinformation Are Believed To Be Educational

Lucy Manning - Awarded Professional Disinformer

Lucy Manning 

Royal Television Society

"The Royal Television Society (commonly known in the television industry as the RTS) is a British-based educational charity for the discussion, and analysis of television in all its forms, past, present and future. It is the oldest television society in the world. It currently has fourteen regional and national centres in the UK, as well as branches in the Republic of Ireland, Canada and the United States."

ITN/ITV News pick up three awards for their Jimmy Savile coverage

"The News Coverage (Home) award goes to ITN for ITV News’ coverage of the Jimmy Savile scandal. ITV also wins the Current Affairs (Home) award and Scoop of the Year award for Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile."

Double RTS win for Savile documentary-maker: 'Recognition of the role media can play in exposing wrongdoing [except, you have not done that, have you? - you have only defamed a dead man.]' 

Mark Williams-Thomas ‏@mwilliamsthomas

"Very humbled- 2 accept RTS_Award 4 The Other Side of Jimmy Savile. This award is dedicated 2 every victim of #Savile"

RTS - Television Journalism Awards 2011/2012 - Home Current Affairs-

Sunday 24 February 2013 18.00 GMT

Mark Williams-Thomas: I ran the Savile film like a criminal investigation [indeed you did, disinformation, lies and all]

"The ex-policeman reveals how he made his RTS-winning documentary – and voices concern over investigative journalism."

"What next for the man who exposed the myth?" [the next thing, should be, to deal in exposing the truth, not myths]

ITV's Jimmy Savile sex scandal documentary made for just £170,000

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