Thursday, 7 February 2013

How Case Law Is Overwritten

Tuesday, February 05 2013

Tagged pensioner Rosemary Collier gets landmark ruling in G4S security breach case

"Ian Bartlett and Rosemary Collier and partner Ian Bartlett when they were both tagged

The law on criminals' security tagging is set to be strengthened... thanks to a Kent case involving a 68-year-old thief.

It comes after pensioner Rosemary Collier – who was electronically tagged – won a landmark court ruling over security giants G4S."

"A judge at Canterbury Crown Court ruled the G4S monitoring agreement has no force in criminal law – and threw out the case.

Now the Ministry of Justice has issued a statement saying it is strengthening the law in light of the case.

Judge Michael O'Sullivan said Collier had not breached the original court curfew order, which did not include a clause allowing G4S staff to make home visits to monitor its equipment."

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