Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Now You Welcome Him



"Save your sympathy.
Who'd you think you're fooling?
Everything is dead
Now you welcome me
to A Town Called Hypocrisy"

"Here in the UK, that we have lived through an eye-opening couple of years is undeniable. For those of us still able to stop, think for ourselves and engage in cognitive thinking, life has been become a pretty incredulous experience. This wouldn't be so bad if 'thinking' wasn't becoming such an old-fashioned concept. For those of us with a degree of intellect, warning signs are flashing away at us madly. I largely eschewed the printed propaganda of the so-called newspapers years ago, last I knocked watching 'mainstream TV' on the head on account of it being utterly dire. The use of online 'social networking' may well be next to go for me - it's soul destroying watching 'The Descent Of Man' unfurl before my eyes, grown adults reduced to reactionary rants purloined from the gutter press or 'sharing' infantile pictures and/or 'jokes'."


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