Monday, 27 January 2014

Reformed Peter File Stars On ITV This Morning ... MW-T Assists

11:32 - 27 Jan 2014

Interview with a convicted paedophile [no such offence]

"Today we are joined by a man called John (not his real name) [Peter?] who has been convicted twice of possessing indecent images of children. [ah, OK ... not possessing, actually]

He has agreed to talk to This Morning in order to highlight what he thinks is a lack of help for paedophiles [true, but he is not one], which he believes increases their chances of reoffending. John, 43, has taken measures to rehabilitate himself including no longer owning a computer, reducing the risk of him downloading [potentially] illegal material again. [good for 'John', let us hope it was not cathartic]

The interview will be pre-recorded and voiced-over by an actor to maintain John's anonymity.

We are also joined by investigative journalist and former policeman Mark Williams-Thomas, best known for exposing [not] Jimmy Savile as a paedophile." [not]

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So, what do we think about John, and his performance, on This Morning?...

(1) We are delighted, that the ITV have begun to ask many pertinent questions,

(2) We are delighted, that the ITV did so, in a measured and sensitive manner,

(3) We are delighted, that MW-T has brought these issues forward, in a reasonable manner,

(4) We thank John, for his brave (if indirect) performance,

(5) What happened to the iSOTP?

(6) John is not a 'child sex offender', for a number of reasons and measures,

(7) We are very disappointed, that the term 'Paedophile' was used, time-and-time again, when ...

   (a) John is, clearly, attracted to girls, in the way, most men are,

   (b) A psychiatrist determined that John was quite 'normal' - i.e. not a Paedophile.

Overall then, 8/10 ... and certainly an excellent move, in the right direction, so as to enable desistance and understanding.

For these reasons, and others, you will not see much, positive, about this show, in the MSM.



Monday 27 Jan 2014 2:20 pm

This Morning causes controversy as Phil and Holly interview convicted paedophile [not]

January 27th, 2014

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby interview paedophile [not] & Theresa May responds VIDEO

27 January 2014 12:33 GMT

Crime Week: This Morning interview Theresa May and a convicted paedophile [not]


Oh dear, oh dear ...


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