Sunday, 5 January 2014

POCA 1978 - There Were Some Good, Wise And Honest People, At The Time

The Guardian, 21st June 1978 

‘Conceived in hysteria’


Douglas Houghton, Baron Houghton of Sowerby,_Baron_Houghton_of_Sowerby

Obituary: Lord Houghton of Sowerby


Shami Chakrabarti - Hypocrite - Apologising For A Legal Activity, Which Paved The Way For Minorities, Just Like Her - Female, Gay, Straight Or British-Asian

1978 briefing: The NCCL legal officer Harriet Harman wrote this briefing paper on the Protection of Children Bill, which sought to ban child pornography. She argued that it would lead to an 'increase in censorship'

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