Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Nathan Betters, Haterbation, Fantasist, Simpletons, Julie And Gordon - And It Is A Classic


Thank you, Nathan. They, really are, THAT easy ;)

No idea, what a Paedophile, is.

No idea, what Rehabilitation, means.

No idea, how a Modern prison, operates. 

No idea, what a Regulated Position, is.

No idea, what Common Assault, is.

No idea, of much, of worth ... which is why, these two, unemployed, reprobate, cowards, are doing this, on a weekday morning; nothing better to do.

Microexpressions, hahaha. Amateur, armchair, criminologists; I once looked at a website. Classic.

Good luck Nathan, whatever the outcome, you will always have proven, yourself, to be a better person, in a difficult situation, than these, two, fantasist, aggressive, violent, obnoxious, lying, snidey, loser, thugs.

Your life, will improve, whatever the outcome; theirs never will, they are weak.

Catch you, on the flip-side; all things pass :)


p.s. 'Gordon', regarding 'manhandling'; time to learn, the difference, between a Section 24a and a Section 39; if you can.

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