Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Dropping Like Flies; Where, Care In The Community, Goes Bad

Yet, another, societally-toxic, public order, circus, from Team Hunters 25/8, based on fantasies, lies, poor law, intimidation, aggression, gross offence, public order issues and ignorant intolerance.

'Vin Hunter' Kev

"I won't say nothing"

 "Will Do" - Excellence

'Dazza', shows, all the details, of the companies, contrary to what is promised,
because, he is not, that 'sort of bloke'; no, he is a stupid, vindictive, dangerous, liar.

We, now, have an 'explanation' ...

Hunter Bingo; mark, this one, off.

Just read the, live, comments, about her, listen to her, and learn. 

She needs 'Sectioning' - ASAP

Thank you, to Thames Valley Police, for your restraint, composure, professionalism, good judgement and practice. Particularly, the officer, who dealt with, the mentally-subnormal, gobshite, fantasist, idiot, that is Stacey Hunter.

She should, of course, have been arrested and prosecuted, for various, public order, offences, if you had, only, seen, all her actions and words, during today's debacle. This is not her first time, abusing, disrespecting and undermining, the police and public. The, on-job, 'Hunter' fantasies and lies, can deflect you, from doing your job, correctly; just watch and listen ...

Totally oblivious, to what, actually, happened.

"I swear a lot. I'm a Cockney, mate ...
I got loads o' kids ... yer know what I mean?
My brain's stressed ...
short vocabulary ...
I'm not afraid to say."

There, lies, the most worrying fact, of all.

The thing is, and this is a great concern, her children will be proud.

Thank you, to all the workers, employees and managers, who provided protection, support and understanding, to a man, presently-innocent and vulnerable. If found guilty, so be it; but, you (or anyone) should not, have to deal, with, such inflammatory, incendiary, offensive, disgusting, actions and words, from barbaric, moronic, unknown, members, of this intellectually-inept and socially-toxic, collective. As soon, as implied consent, was removed (which it was, by the manager), they should have left; they care, not, for law.

Stacey Hunter, is, very, fortunate, to still be, un-maimed, or alive, considering, how she behaves, in public, to others.

This, disrespectful, unstable, idiot, has much, previous, form ...

Goodbye, Darren Astill (for now?). You became, one, of the better 'Hunters'. You started badly, gained some credibility, yet, left, in social shame, lies, poor integrity, aggression and fantasy; you will not be missed, by anyone, that matters. You will blur, back, into unknown oblivion, just like all of you do, and will.


Information to, as usual, please.

More to follow.



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Thank you.



  1. It comes to something when a female hunter makes 'Julie' look calm and composed.

  2. It angers me all this.......

    Firstly you have the whole Brannigan/Harwood saga.....and Shane calling it a Circus, but what he has to remember he is the reason the circus is here and now he his hiding not stinging and posting a pop at someone post every now and again..... I am sure there is something more sinister behind it, well we will see next month if the rumours are true.

    The next thing that has outraged me is this Stacy Hunter, I watched the sting, right when a person was turning up to meet what they thought was a child it was just about bearable. But now they are just as bad as the lit of "Can't pay we will take it away", what they should have done is handed the evidence to the police and let them deal with it....NOT turn up at the guys workplace gobbling off and then wondering why people don't like it. Then to try and play the mental health card. How many times do you see "will the supposed pedophiles stop playing the MH card.

    If Stacy has Bipolar she should not be Hunting and in fact I would bet my life savings she is claiming benefits, hopefully she will be identified. If a Hunter cannot keep their cool them they should not be doing it...end of.

    1. Dear Anonymous,


      Little, we can add, to that.

      The very reason, that these people, are where they are, in life, is that they lack, the right temperaments, skills and abilities, to carry out, such important tasks and roles.

      The quicker, they accept it, the better.


      The OSC

    2. I hope the people they sting get to realise they don’t have to stand their and answer their questions being treated like shit.
      One day people who receive a message back “I am only 13 etc” word will get around it is a hunting team as real children aren’t on these apps in reality especially dating ones!

      Anyone can just go out and start a hunting group up without checks. That’s why you have the likes of aggressive Shane, two faced Amelia, gob shite Julie with her puppy dog, then Stacey admitting she has mental ill health to make excuses for being gob shite. There’s no medical to approve they are fit enough.. nothing!

      Anyone of the public who comment that hunters don’t like I have known them to look into you. Like mark Astley and Marcus Johnson. None of our own information is safe but they can go around abusing you wearing a mask.

    3. Most of these hunters are presenting a false reality to their followers.

      A false reality about what a paedophile actually is, and a false reality that their kids are at risk due to the hunting method their employ.

      They make profiles mainly on adult dating sites - no real children and proven to exist on such sites - and therefore it could be argued that no real children are actually being protected.

      There is also no proof that a suspected offender was originally intended to offend in the first place (Jim Gamble, former head of CEOP once point this out).
      There is no logical argument that could claim a man would go seeking children on a website deigned solely for adults - this is like saying a predator would seek a child in a pub or nightclub, instead of a local play park. It's utter nonsense.

      The police are constantly slagged off by this 'hunting community,' and yet, it is the police who have been doing stings of this nature (properly) since the 90's. Detectives do not 'catfish' offenders on adult dating sites, they usually use chat sites that are designed for children and hence, they are potentially safeguarding real children.

      The recent statistic that vigilantes caught 44% of offenders last year therefore is a false representation. They are simply catching lonely idiots who are too dumb, desperate (or perverted or whatever the reasons with each case) to desist from talking to someone who has claimed to be under the age of 16.

      As a result, our taxes are paying for prisons to be filled up with idiots, instead of real paedophiles that are stung by detectives on places such a the Dark Web.

      Ironically, many hunting pages list apps and sites that are for children, but also dangerous for children, and do nothing about it (apart from one time when hunters got involved with an app called 'BIGO').

      The hunters always state 'that could've been a real child you was talking to,' and yet not one of these hunters has provided any solid evidence of real children inhabiting adult dating sites. Just mere 'hearsay' and little else. Any children venturing onto adult sites would be a 'parenting issue,' and that's where the key factor lies in all of this.

  3. That crazy gobby woman needs to be locked up. I couldn't believe what i was seeing and hearing. And these people claim to protect kids....what a shambles.

  4. Thankyou,
    It does make my blood boil, the whole Hunters community are full of criminals, hypocrites and liars.

    Look at what they did to Dr Oldfield. .. Yes Dr Oldfield has a past, but he was sentenced and given an appropriate punishment by a court of law, served his sentence and should just have been left alone to live the rest of his life peacefully, but no that was not good enough for the Hunters, they had to hound and harass him, to the point he had to flee from his own home.

    Yet take Mr Brannigan, as he has the most recent "confession"..... crimes such as Assault, assault on police, damage to property, theft, road traffic offences. Bet he wasn't thinking of the children he may have affected carrying out these crimes.

    But all his "followers" were giving it...

    "We all have a past", "who cares what you did", my personal favourite "you served your time, so people should leave you alone".

    So how come Shane should be left alone, but everyone else including other hunters should be hounded.

    When will Shane and the rest of the hunters realise their followers are just in it so they can watch there live stings, whilst eating popcorn and having a beer.