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We Can Never, Arrest Away, Primary, Human, Drives ...

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 ... and, certainly not, with the 'help', from a bunch, of the, mainly,
foolish and/or hateful and/or inept and/or socially inadequate.


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  1. Much more money and effort need putting into the core of the problem,stinging them and slamming them in prison is not doing much as a deterrent as reoffending and catching same ones again shows clearly.The longer hunting goes on the more times same ones will be caught.

    At least Shane has the right idea heading off to push to educate the kids online side of things,people say the government have this organised through schools,but there can never be too many people educating children and parents with this in different ways,never,plus some children learn better outside a school environment listening to non authoritarian adults,these children need protecting too.

    But it needs fighting from both sides.leaving it as it is even with educating children and people just grabbing these men in the middle space with decoys won't reduce numbers of chancer paedophiles,which leaves kids in danger.

    Online 'child predator hunting'will always be needed because some will always slip the net or refuse to be helped and end of day children need protecting from adults who want to have sex with them and this needs upping by the police until at least numbers reduce,maybe including any good freelance decoys hunters,but one thing is for sure the numbers of men online and children at risk is never going to improve without change of how its handled.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Some fair points, TY. We disagree, with the last paragraph, as it is a fabricated situation, creating crimes. For us, it needs to be; no real minor, no criminal offence. One deals with source (minors), not the, inevitable, target.

      Also, just to make it clear, this is, almost, never, an issue of Paedophilia.

      Also, they are not 'Predators' (the word, does not exist, in our legal lexicon), as that, really means, persistent, actual, hands-on, offenders.


      The OSC

  2. Children need protecting in child orientated spaces from the most deviant adults who approach them for any type of sexual activity,children cannot be expected to be able to protect themselves adequately even with education when their opponent in these type of games is an adult mind.The onus of responsibility of self care against predators who hunt them should never be put on the child.

    Predator is defined as 'one who seeks out his prey'a most fitting term in this instance of mind games online and shall be termed as such in this type of conversation whether a legal term or not.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      You are trapped, in the hysteria, lies, myths and Child 'Protection' Industry propaganda. Sexuality, is no different, from any other, potential, life risks, a minor faces. The rules are, just, the same.

      A romance/relationship/seduction, never involves 'prey', or every such liaison, would do so. Words matter; use them, in useful, correct, contexts, or they become useless; just like 'abuse' or 'paedophile' etc etc

      More, here ...

      Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Dangerous, Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools

      Your comments are noted.


      The OSC

    2. You are speaking to a employee of one of the pro non contact organisations you promote on your blog.

    3. Dear Anonymous,

      It does not mean, that, you are 100% correct.

      We will support, what is the best, available, at the time.


      The OSC

  3. Can someone sort rob hunters eyebrows out thats all you watch om his feeds

    1. To be honest, I get the impression they would break many a Flymo.

    2. While they at it can they sort out Amanda Faulkner's pig face and loose legs things that ugly shouldn't have kids, Sarah Williamson's fat ass Kieran dixons well everything. Saw a picture of Oliver ferns man looks like the missing link hairy fat f@@k

  4. If the police go in this direction you would see the amount of hunting teams drop as I think the police wouldn’t be as out there as they are now.
    They want fame, power and control therefore doing it hidden and not being revealed isn’t what the likes of superchav who likes to control the situation wants.
    The police do thousands of situations a week, you never see them live streaming their arrests etc.
    So in all, they will drop one by one, if they end up working as police staff, undercovered decoys and the real police exposing them once convicted like everyone else.

    I don’t understand why decoys have a profile. Arent they meant to be under cover, as in the evidence gathering. What do they gain of having “so and so decoy” as their name. They haven’t even got to be known.some sort of fame is needed again for a them. Us your own profiles and keep quite what you do and jobs done.

    The dwp needs to look into this. If people can claim benefits and do this then they can find real volunteering to earn their benefits and by not causing unreliable crime figures. They can help the community even if it’s sitting at a computer like they are doing now!

  5. What is so strange, and sad, about this situation is that there are 20,000 men interested in meeting children online but precisely zero real children there for them to meet.

    It is all decoys. The problem doesn't really exist and never has. Most child abuse takes place in the home and there are probably 6 figure numbers of kids being abused in their homes right now.

  6. I am sorry for this comment, but I have to disagree with the statement about Shane Brannigan, he is not a decent person. He is a liar, violent, hypocritical little man whom should not have anything to do with "Educating anything". He is just as bad as all the worst hunters out there......

    He was the one of the UK hunters that started the catalyst to the Circus as it is now and now the ship is sinking he is trying to abandon ship. If he was in it for the kids he would be getting a grip and working with the idiots that are about to bring them into line.

    He still keeps company of Hunters that have been outted as wronguns and this can be seen on his posts, as they comment frequently.

    All I see in Shane is exactly what everyone says.....he is in it for himself and not the kids and it is easy to see......

    A person that is as passionate as him (apparently) should be doing as he said a couple of weeks ago and getting on with it, but no that is not good enough for him, all he does now is slag other hunters off and post tit for tat screenshots, claiming to be the victim. Well here's one for you he isn't a victim, he is just part of the big "I am a hunter" society. I always ask myself a question......

    Why would hunters expose and make up stories about each other, unless there was some truth behind what they say.

    These hunters all at one time or another have spoke to each other and have all probably been sat around the oil drum swapping stories, so tbh I think it is simple.....

    Unless a person is employed by the government and has been vetted they shouldn't be hunting nor dishing out education.... not being funny it isn't really education is it..... I was told about the nasty men/women in school and it is quite widely published on what to do if you are being abused or groomed. Enough people know how to turn on their privacy settings on through Facebook, they remind you every other day. So that leads back to the original comment.....

    All hunters are out for is fame and glory and more likes to draw people in, then as we see on other groups start selling wrist bands, t-shirts, raffles.

    Shane Brannigan hold your head up, as you created this circus....YOU ARE TO BLAME!!! Either go back and join the circus or just drop off the radar and get on with it, because all you are doing at present on your blog Shane'O the brutal truth is showing that you are a desperate TROLL, like the people you bully and harass, just as has been shown in the past, it seems to be anyone whom does not share your little view on life..... now go tend your flock of sheep.

  7. I’m totally fucking discussed with people.

    Especially TEAM PAE.

    Posting Shane’s address, pictures of street signs, lane locations, aerial views the list goes on. Worst is they’ve even put a picture of a caravan on fire.

    As soon as anyone steps foot on his land, he should hold them there as a trespasser and phone the police. But I know Shane he will deal with it in his own way.

    I don’t care what anyone has done. It can’t be as bad a messing with kids....

    It literally turns my stomach to think the human race can talk, act like this.

    How can anyone turn up at a home with threats. He also has he gorgeous dog “til” there.

    Marcus, Sarah love it as they are in the same gang as others for hating him. But you pair forget there’s others who hate you you ugly trash. Just like Amelia acting all nicely nicely not telling the real world what’s she’s really like too. They work hard in the background stabbing.

    I know a lot about you Julie. The lot of you are bullies. You try and protect yourselves and so does everyone else. You must have bad bones in your body to treat others like shit with violence. Let’s turn up at Shane’s with a mask. Let’s re-live the visit nigel Oldfield has as you lot are untouchable and untraceable.

    Once your identity as a hunter is know police have only got to trace it to your real one off statements you’ve done and you’ve had it.

    I’m so god dam angry at the lot of you. You are all making it come to an end. It’s not professional. Your all in a pre-school playground. You don’t argue in public like this shit. Stop threats, grow up, don’t speak to each other, speak to each other if you want, don’t wind anyone up. Do what you started doing. You should protect everyone! The more that’s in the community the more should be done, but your making people leave.

    I could go on!

    There’s two pages decunters ddr and hunters vs hunters. There’s people picking on the drama and making pages to know the truth as your head gets lost in it all. People are picking up on it! Tanya fucking hunter, instead of blocking let people be in the groups pages they want! You might learn the truth in case you listened to these pages. Who are you too trust anyway? Mates with Nathan hunter huh... says a lot

  8. Part 1 of 2

    As I have mentioned many times. Stinson Hunter is to blame for all of this after he copied the idea from an American TV show.

    He was the one who started putting decoys on adult dating sites (instead of kids chat rooms like that show did).

    No real children are proven to exist on adult only sites. I have yet to see a single piece of credible evidence produced by these vigilantes that there is a problem in this regard. Not one team has offered anything solid up to date, and I doubt they ever will.

    They are creating monsters out of thin air, as their is no logic to say that person was originally looking to meet children on an adult dating site - as there is no evidence they would actually expect to meet a child in a place that is 'for adults only.'

    Stinson Hunter conned a lot of people (both in the false reality he was presented, and out of their hard earned cash also). He is responsible for the mass hysteria we see today, where people actually believe there is a 'pandemic of paedophiles' that are waiting to pounce on their child. The reality is far different as most of these guys tend to be sad, pathetic, lonely, stupid, and a whole host of other things too. They became 'opportunistic' in basic terms, their carnal desires put them in a lot of trouble.

    Stinson Hunter admitted during his 'Paedophile Hunter' documentary that he isn't actually catching paedophiles. This was because he is intelligent enough to realise exactly what I just wrote above. That they are opportunistic idiots, as opposed to people genuinely seeking children in the first place. He also would have known that paedophilia refers to 'pre-pubescent children.' He, like many others, misuse this word on purpose, as it has the desired effect they seek (hence why the media labelled Adam Johnson as a paedophile after having sex with a 15 year old). Using words like 'paedophile' helps to sell newspapers in vast quantities.

    No matter how many teams there are, and how many years they do this for, I guarantee there will never be an end product - i.e. actually achieving the result of eradicating the men they catch from offending in the first place.

    This is because of the method used, catfishing lonely/desperate idiots on adult dating sites. There will never be a lack of supply of men that are willing to take a chance, to see who they are really talking to etc...

    These hunters are trying to drain a lake that is impossible to drain. The unsuspecting fish will just keep on taking that bait.

    Stinson Hunter (and many hunter thereafter) have claimed that by doing what they do, they are raising awareness - which will result in a reduction of the problem.
    Stinson began in around 2009/2010, so that means this 'vigilante awareness raising' has been going on for almost a decade, and in that time, not only have we not seen a reduction - we have actually seen a huge increase in 'offenders.' More hunters just means more idiots.

    Where they have all been going wrong is suffering from tunnel vision about how to tackle the problem (and there is a problem - but ironically, not many of them put decoys on all the online places where children really do exist - except for Facebook).

  9. Part 2 of 2

    If you want to raise awareness, you campaign the authorities to bring about major change - as your Facebook pages are clearly not getting the job done.

    If the authorities were to produce compulsory (signed for) education regarding this matter, then adults would be fully aware of the laws, and what to expect if they break it. Example: many guys caught in these stings are not aware that it is now an offence just to talk only, without facilitating a meet (punishable with up to two years in prison).

    This could also be backed up with a TV ad campaign that is 'hard hitting' just like the seat belt/drink driving ad campaigns we see.
    Scenario: Advert starts with message. 'I'm 13, is that ok?' - we then see his life spiral out of control (arrested, lost job, upset family, angry mob in street etc...) and then we see the prison door being slammed - while the prisoner sits crying with head in hands - the guard comments 'I bet you wish you could turn back the clock' which is the closing part of the advert as we see the camera scenes reversing to the point where we see 'I'm only 13, is that ok?'

    Something along those lines would hammer the message home.

    Parents also need educating as many don't know enough about how to protect their kids online. The education authority should get involved with this and could easily have parents attending classes run in the evenings in schools.

    The education authority could also set up something along the lines of 'Schoolbook,' providing a social media site that is only for children and heavily guarded - high password protection and so on. It seems rather idiotic to me, to have children on sites like Facebook, when it is known there are people displaying predatory behaviour. Kids need their own version that is also supervised. As a bonus, along with all the usual facebook style features, the education authorities could seize the opportunity to have forums for help with homework for kids that are struggling, which could be run by much older students in their final years.

    Last but not least - Legislation.

    The obvious change would be stiffer sentencing - to tie in with the compulsory education for all adults, but the other change that is needed would be the adult sites themselves (as well as sites such as facebook who are clearly not responsible enough at present).

    If the authorities forced all adult only sited to enforce strict verification processes to join their site (especially the free sites/apps), then children would not be able to access them at all. This would also mean that the government could also bring in legislation to make hunting on adult dating sites/apps obsolete also.
    Sites like Facebook need to step up their game (as they allow 13 years olds to join) and do far more than they currently do to deal with the issues. At present, their admin don't see much wrong with pages that exhibit sexual content involving children for example, this obviously needs to be dealt with.

    I do hope people in authority read this page and so something about it that will be far more effective than a bunch of power-crazed vigilante lunatics running about the street, as talking to these 'hunters' is like banging your head against a wall. They ain't listening, or willing to accept the reality that their methods are failing in terms of 'long term solution.'

    1. ^^^^ this person should be prime minister!!!!!!

      But everyone with the opposite opinion to the hunters who comment on here are said to be “Dr Oldfields pedo friends”....

  10. Have to agree with the last post spot on. There are no real children on adult dating sites so how are they protecting real kids. Surely the public can see this. There's abosulty no need for hunters. Funny how some of them are moaning about people using this platform to express thereselfs what do they expect you express yourself on there platforms you get blocked trolled and called all sorts. So thank you to the OSC for allowing people to freely express thereselfs from your blog much appreciated.

    1. Yes thank you.

      And thank you for keeping everyone who wants to be kept anonymous, anonymous.
      Just like the hunters, they want to be kept private like we do. We are concerned about our opinions.

      Infact Dr Oldfield viewed images, paid his punishment. The people the hunters are catching are actually thinking they are meeting up with the child!

  11. Its the hunting community thereselfs that are commenting on here how hypocritical. By the way anyone know if Nathan Hunter has been battered yet i know he's a wanted "man" seen the videos of people knocking his door while he hides away calling the police like a coward and the one when he was hidind in the car his time will come and when it does i want to see the video of his big nose being smashed off his ugly face. He beats his woman he's hated in the community everyone laughs at him he's dim as fuck he was going to take his own life why hasn't he already done it saves others the job. No one likes him but the funny thing is he is so deluded he thinks he's important no one wants to take him on stings he's a liability yet he still hangs around the community like a bad smell. Piss off Ferns ya no mark.

  12. Shane Brannigan is having a huge meltdown on his Shane'O The Brutal Truth page, he's outted Team PAE as Andy Bradstock of The Hunted One.

  13. How does Sarah Doherty fund her operations? She claims to spend 15 hours per day sat on the internet pretending to be an 11 year old girl. She's either got a wealthy husband or she's a benefits claimant. I suspect the latter....

  14. Its all a game to them to see how many they can catch its all about numbers and who can catch the most never mind the lives they destroy in the process. These people would never go near a child in the real world its a set up.

  15. Oh no fat man Fripps is back was hoping we had seen the last of him. It was so funny though because yet again the police refused to arrest the vaunrable young man he was gutted that was the second time recently that its happened at his stings. Stop preying on vaunrable young men with learning disabilities Fripps.

  16. I cannot believe Sean gower was on a sting with mouthy Julie. He only made a group to bully people. He has now made another one and has a secret group. What’s the point of trolling people because of their comments?!

    Ive never seen so much truth until I came on here. Everyone is scared to voice their opinions on the hunting teams pages or groups as they order their admin to block you.

    I saw the other day an old q&a by Julie. The way to answers back her followers is disgraceful, no wondered she ended up divorced!

    Sean gower your a man of meant to be the truth, trolling people by your groups. What’s they working with Gordon sumner? I can’t stand this two face-ness. You are known to many to really dig about him. But if he crosses you one day you will expose him and turn on him like you ha e with everyone else. Wouldn’t surprise me if people are going to these strings to get on the side photographs to later expose.
    It weren’t long ago you were moaning Julie blocked you from the group for sending kisses to her female followers. Joke!!
    Two short arses in a pod you pair are. Did it feel like you were in land of the giants standing next to Gordon!

  17. I just want to take this opportunity as the end of 2017 draws near, to thank Paddy Fripps for providing us all with great entertainment, due to the fact he is a great big circus clown.

    Fat twat in massive shorts, Paddy, with his darth vadar gloves and motor mouth, once again made a fantastic fool of himself. Driving many miles through the night for nothing. He didn't get his 'little moment' they all like to have when they film someone being brought out by the police. Aww diddums. What a shame for him.

    He didn't like the fact that the police won't kow-tow to his big mouth. He and his armchair psychologist supporters are laughable with their replies in regards to the person in question's disabilities.

    He also made a huge deal (the usual mass hysteria) of this person dating a 15 year old when he himself was a teenager. This is because fat twat Fripps doesn't live in the real world, he lives in mass-hysteria-landia where 15 year olds all still play with dolls and haven't yet reached puberty.

    It hasn't occurred to him that many teenagers 'date' and have been doing so for decades. There is a reason Britain has often been touted as having the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe, also for decades - ironically, most of which tend to be gymslip schoolgirl mothers living on the same council estates that these chav vigilantes come from.

    It also hasn't occurred to tiny brained Paddy that there's a reason the NHS give out free contraceptives to children under 16, and have been doing so for decades.

    Free STI testing kits are also given to 15 year olds also - but of course in Paddy's small brain, a teenage boy having sex with a 15 year old would be a paedophile - because nothing stirs his pitchfork toting audience up like a good old but of mass hysteria.

    Because fat twat in massive shorts Paddy is highly ignorant (and probably also racist as he was formerly a member of the EDL), it really would be the greatest karma ever if his own '15 year old daughter' was to announce one day that she's pregnant...and that the father, who she is madly in love with, is in fact a Somalian refugee!

    I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Paddy Fripps, always laughable. Happy New Year dickhead.

  18. Dear OSC...firstly thank you for providing a platform for actual intelligent people to leave comments rather than trying to say them on Facebook and being branded alsorts.

    Well what a night tonight has been... Firstly the DeCuntersDDR page is sounding more and more like it is being ran by either Shane Brannigan or one of his team all you have to do is look at the posts.... quite a few slagging off other hunters but praising Shane and posting links to yet another new page of his.

    Next comes the sting by Internet Interceptors this evening where the suspect said he went to school with Shane. Now reading comments on both Shanes and the Interceptors page raise more questions, because according to other hunters commenting and a couple of people stating if the suspect knew Shane then they would know Brannigan is not his real name.....hang on according to Shane in a lot of his recent live Rants and after the Kirkman thing Shane stated Brannigan defiantly was his last name.....

    If it isn't why is Shane scared of people finding out his real last he scared someone will Google it and it comes up on the SOR or with some other very serious crimes.

    Next is all Shames followers stating it was a stitch up and the police weren't real..... Marked cars, Police Uniform, Radios and the usual Police parefenalia..... they were doing a good job at pretending to be Police.

    It has come to a time that the Law need to step in and ban all Hunting groups and decoys....whilst they are at it anyone involved with any hunting groups in the past should also be prevented from trolling etc etc, as they do.

    The Hunting game is a mockery and all it goes to show is that each Hunter and that goes for all of them are just out for likes, funding and NOT #forthekids. Hunters have created more and more problems and are now ten a penny. I am suprised thereally are not Hunter Cafes in town, where we can go and watch their stings whilst having a coffee.

    Shane Brannigan....if that's your real name, what are you afraid of? Why not give out your real name now as everyone has your address.

  19. The more and more I hate Marcus Johnson aka Gordon sumner after watching their latest live!

    Marcus “away from the pay-per-views!” Who do you think you are huh!

    You do lives for followers to watch, now we are pay-per-views!
    If you don’t want people to watch for entertaining stop with the drama! Your not being taken seriously.

    You only did that live to find out about Shane. Acting as if you were on the mans side. Using your own grooming tactics to get information. And why was Julie so quite? This is when she acts innocent on the top and is evil working behind.

    Please take this comment on bored Marcus... you was ok on your very first sting, now it’s got to your head.. working with Julie has made you a different person.
    Your meant to be a team but lately there’s just the pair of you conning people. She’s just using you as she’s got you in her claws and your her puppet who will do anything. Do you really want to be associated with a big gob like her?

  20. Paddy Fripps of KKS always tells any of his 'stings' that make an admission of feeling suicidal that they are cowards taking the easy way out and also that he will ''piss on their graves'' of they do kill themselves.

    Two questions:

    1) What credentials has he got that qualifies him to state that suicide is 'easy?'

    2) What kind of person would talk about urinating on people's graves?

  21. Justice Reborn, another group led by a benefit scrounging gobshite with a cam that likes to ruin the lives of anyone they can. I would hazard a guess the 'mouth' was probably abused by a family member and is now on a personal crusade based on revenge (often the case with gobshite hunters).

    The latest sting is a 19 year old, and yet again it's another classic case where this young lad has stated his dating site search parameter starts aged 19, and that his experience shows many people lie on that site.

    Had he have known there are chav vigilantes out for revenge, he would never have committed this offence. This is where the need for education comes in.

    How many more young lives need to be unnecessarily ruined by these chav scum before the government do something about stopping them putting honey traps on adult dating sites.

    The gobshite claimed during the sting that real children sites up to those sites - utter bullshit - show us the proof.

  22. I see formerly closed hunting groups have sprung back up again. These attention seekers just can't keep out the limelight can they?

    Children's Pride is one of them. Run by a 'wigga' chav vigilante who dresses in body armour, a walkie-talkie and sunglasses like he thinks he's part of the Dog the Bounty Hunter team or something. And what's with the cringeworthy attempts at poetry? He has to be one of the biggest twats I've ever seen in the so called 'hunting community.'

    Then back came H-Division, a team well known for acting like they're on set of the Jeremy Kyle Show. Mind you, I will give credit to their founder for being honest enough to state that he and his team are both 'chavs' and 'vigilantes.' He's the first honest chav vigilante I've ever seen - the rest of them are living on cloud cuckooland.

  23. Looks like the end for big mouth bitch and gordon.shane just threaten to expose them in very angry rant on hunter 27/7 ha ha

  24. Julie and Gordon shown up for the sadistic lying scum that they are. While I'm on the subject, Amelia Jaynes, Russ Gunn and Mark Astley are all dogshit on the bottom of my shoe also.