Thursday, 21 December 2017

We Wish We Could Feel Joy, But, All We Feel, Is Sadness And Pity

No Wish To Gloat


Step Back From The Hole, And Put Down The Spade, Mr Ferns ... 


Information to, as usual, please.



  1. Nice to see Jason Clipstone back with Predator Hunters,teamed up with Kieran Dixon,Gertrude Nathan Lynch and Sophy,maybe Russ will write them a welcome back post

  2. Why has Gertrude which isn’t her real name joined the sinking ship!

    It wasn’t long ago she deactivated because she said she was bullied. Her address etc was given out.

    She was on a live with Harwood. The state of these people all look like dole dossiers.

    And russ gun has replaced will hunting-mark astley. Everything concerns him. His profile has turned into NAE where the bullies Sean gower and Gordon formed from before taking on the rude gobby cows admin.
    It won’t be long till we see a post about Amelia once he sees through that thick skin of hers LOL!