Friday, 23 February 2018

'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For Late February



  1. Im sick of seeing things like this its so upsetting and people think kids are innocent angels well there not some can be evil little bastards i believe we should bring back the cane beat some discipline into them. Kids are getting worse because they are aloud to get away with everything. I hope the evil little bastard that did that to that pensioner goes down for life. Kids and adults are too quick use abuse as an excuse for there actions i was abused but i don't go around beating people to death you would have to be born wierd up wrong to commit such a sick sadistic act. Makes me sick.

  2. The boy is lieing he didn't get abused by him at all he admits that he got sexually aroused by the murder so the motive was sexual that's sick how can anyone get turned on by that. what a vile human being hope he never gets out he will always be a danger to soceity.

  3. Omg that's horrible let's hope he dies in jail where he belongs.

  4. No way would you get sexually aroused after killing or hurting your abuser

    The lying shitcunt is looking for a lower sentence

    1. Actually, that depends on whether he is a psychopath or not.

      Many killers (especially serial killers) get aroused in situations like that because they are sexually motivated by 'power.'

  5. So Russ Gunn aka Tony Graves Capital OCP gets outed as Robin Banks the mega viscous hunter troll.

    He's trolled Interceptors particularly comments about Julie.
    Shane Brannigan
    Deep Impact - Tille Trotter
    Wolfpack Hunters - Gordon B
    Dark Light - Ronnie Craig
    Hunter 25/8 - Stacey Hunter
    And many more on a particularly viscous personal onslaught.

    The hunter who posts others actions up as some moral crusader hunter acts the worse online himself.

    The team posting up about trolls and guilt have infact the worse troll of the lot hiding among them.

    1. I just saw his "new account" is he dim? he changed old Robin Banks account details,location etc but still shows as Pakistan when you search Robin Banks and every old comment he ever made on any post now shows Russ Gunns face lol Changing account details does not erase your past comments you dimwit now they have your real face on

  6. He and disgraced former plod, mark astley are utter scum.

  7. No way!!! so hold on Julie used the chat logs from the worse hunter troll ever to setup Shane Brannigan?

    He vanished as Russ Gunn after being asked to show these chat logs I remember that

    1. What evers gone on with Brannigan he brought it on himself he's a snide a fraud and fake. He put his the nails in his own coffin

    2. So it was ok for Interceptors to setup a non pedo man as a "pedo defender'? Which we all know makes them a pedo in the great hunter land.They set the man up on super troll Robin Banks/Russ Gunns word of his chatlogs. he went to them seeing a way to get Shane and they grabbed it they are disgusting using their hunting to take people down in the worse way and they always preach how not professional they are how right is that

  8. How many of his team mates knew he was Robin Banks hmmz? All of them no doubt

  9. And the criminal Amelia is no different working with two vile scum. You must have the same sort of personality to be in with Gunn and astley!

    1. How is she a criminal?

    2. I’m sure you don’t need to be told yourself Amelia!
      I’m sure you haven’t got a clear DBS now ha ha ha

    3. Is it true according to the decunters exposed page Amelia and the cat women set Sarah and zee up? It was the cat women who was the only admin of the hvh page but put the blame on Sarah and zee. Gordon sumner even told cat women to sort it and plant blame on them!

  10. How stupid does Ronnie Craig - Julie - Katies Astley - Tyson - Gordon feel now after Russ Gunn was saying what he really thought of them in Robin Banks

  11. Oh dear.

  12. Black wannabe, fame hunting, chav imbecele, James, treading on thin ice again.

  13. Ive just joined the 'hunting community' my team have no idea the real reason im here is to warn these stupid men that if they talk to anyone who say they are younger than 16 its a set up and they will get stung.
    It was so easy to join these vigalentes and become part of there 'team' they really are dumb this is going to be interesting il keep you updated

    1. Im part of a team too
      i have no intention of stinging anyone. our team sets up profiles on over 18 dating sites i was even told to find my decoy photos on open Facebook profiles i couldnt believe it but i managed to use my own photos anyway.
      You wouldn't believe how some of these teams operate im supprised they get any convictions at all. I know i for one won't be giving them anyone to sting im helping vulnerable people on over 18 dating sites to be aware of the decoys.
      It is all about awareness after all.

    2. What !! they asked you to steal photo's off people's facebooks wtf !!! i bet your decoying for KKS they are well know for that. Just be careful your probably end up having Fripps trying to groom you and sending you dick pics

  14. This is just to let everyone who knew of the Hunter Vs Hunter page know that the admin person running it has decided to close it down. They didn't say why but I would imagine it is connected with the hassle they would be receiving from the toxic chav community they discuss on that page.

    Sad day for free speech but I think everything that could be said, has already been said.

    This is the end of the road for me too on facebook as I also came under attack simply for speaking the truth about the hunting community. Many people who believe in their nonsese could not handle the truth and often attacked me in a very personal manner. Not once did any of them actually provide any substance to their argument that proved an of my points to be wrong. Speaks volumes, they are mainly of low intellegence and I hope the auhtorities have finally listened.

    I've done all I can personally to raise awareness of the issues these vigilante cause, so I too am signing off.

    To all the people that see the bigger picture, and simply don't want to live in a society where feral chavs run the streets, best of luck to all of you and stay safe.

    All the best. Kris Kroos.

    1. Kris don't leave facebook because of the idoits and thugs don't let them silence you just block them.
      I enjoyed reading your posts as did alot of other's and i actually think you helped some people see the viganlte community for what it is. You will be missed.
      It's a shame Hunter vs hunter have gone bullied out by trolls that was a great page and i wish the person behind it all the best.

  15. Part 1/3
    Stinson Hunter was the man who discovered that if you dangle a carrot in front of a donkey on an adult dating site, soon or later, you will get a nibble. He was entirely motivated by ‘’fame and fortune’’ (as evidenced as many times over by so many people), and in my book, was just downright lazy. His method of catching ‘so-called paedophiles’ was entirely lethargic (he realised it was an easy score indeed – rather than seeking real offenders which takes more time and effort), and his evidence gathering was also half-hearted (he often claimed the police and CPS had failed him – but this was proven many times to be downright lies).

    Many other similar hunters, have followed suit, even down to the lazy methods of catching ‘offenders’. Instead of dealing with high-risk individuals (like real detectives do), they too, catfish (what mainly appears to be mixture of idiots and simpletons, people with low morals, or even people with low comprehension in some cases) men on adult dating sites. You only have to look at some of the latest stings to know this is still true today. Men stating they didn’t believe it was a child on an adult site. In some cases they seem genuinely confused, in others, there is evidence they genuinely did believe it.

    These vigilantes keep claiming there are scores of real children on the very adult sites and apps they decoy on. Not a single one has ever evidenced this whatsoever – which speaks volumes. No substance to their argument.

    Now for the analogy:

    If I was to deliberately place valuables in my car and leave the window open, I would undoubtedly be ‘inviting crime.’ This is EXACTLY what vigilantes are doing.

    A skilled car thief would not require an ‘open window,’ as they would have the tools for the job. However, an opportunist WOULD be tempted by my open window. I have baited that person, and lured them in.
    The real paedophile that is a high risk to children, like the skilled car thief, knows how to commit his crime very well. He seeks children where they actually exist and certainly would NOT go looking for the subject of his criminality, where they do (or are not proven to) not exist.
    The ‘invented paedophile’ is the one that became the opportunist by my ‘open window invite.’ He joined an ‘adult dating site’ (most probably seeking the company of adults – for whatever purpose ranging from romance to sexual encounters), and there is no/little proof he was seeking anything other than an adult encounter. He simply became that ‘offender’ BECAUSE they gave him an easy ‘open window’.

    What blurs the line of course is the age range. This started out as ‘14 or 15’ year old decoys, and has now progressed to much younger. Does this suggest they are truly showing sexual inclination toward children, and therefor a ‘paedophile’ in the true definition of what the word actually means? Well, yes, probably or most likely – but we still have some area of doubt over whether that was ever their original intention when joining adult dating sites (which are the majority of cases caught be vigilantes over the last ten years).

    Now imagine I have a team of hoodie wearing security men with me. I have a camera, a facebook page, and I live stream confrontations of my captures each time a thief, whether a true thief or an opportunistic person, enters my vehicle. Would that make me a vigilante? Damn right it would.
    For me, it seems a huge missed opportunity that people like Stinson Hunter did not seize upon the fact that there are real offenders out there targetting REAL CHILDREN that exist on sites/apps designed for children.
    There has been the odd rare exception such as Shane Brannigan, who I am led to believe only decoyed on the liked of Facebook (where real kids exist = Shane is clued up), and there once was an effort to protect kids on something called ‘BIGO’ (which I applaud and support 100%), but the majority of stings have been performed on ‘Mr Opportunist’ on adult only sites – I GUARANTEE THIS IS A FACT.

  16. Part 2/3
    In some respects, it seems a rather bizarre situation that a man talks to another adult on an adult dating site – and then goes to prison for it on the strength of a fabrication. Also pretty ironic that all these ‘children’ on adult dating sites will undoubtedly just be decoys – and that by employing this particular hunting method, no real children will ever be protected or ‘saved’ (sad but true – although there have been rare occasion where real children have some to light – but this is usually either pure luck, or because a parent has approached hunters directly – instead of going to the police like they should).

    Most hunters/decoys/followers of vigilante pages reading this will be saying ‘he’s an apologist.’ What they don’t understand (because they never do), is that I understand that ‘technically speaking’ they are breaking laws, and I understand that from a moral point of view ‘they are/were wrong to get involved’ – even if it’s a twisted fantasy in their mind, and they never intended it to go further than just chat online. So do I feel sorry for them? No, not at all, they made their beds and have to lie in it. BUT – you are still assisting to incite a crime with people that may have never even thought of committing a crime, let alone, one of the most abhorrent nature. If the decoy was not there, the crime would never have existed. This is one case where you can definitely say ‘victimless crime’ in the majority of cases.

  17. Part 3/3
    My issue with vigilante hunters is thus:

    Presenting a false reality.

    This idea that the police are letting the public down is an outrageous fabrication of the truth. The police do not waste their time dealing with ‘opportunists’ on adult only sites as they will NEVER be considered a genuine high risk to real children (unless there are special circumstances – such as repeat offender etc...). The hunting community just don’t seem to understand that a good proportion of ‘offenders’ getting remanded, are in fact done so simply because they are deemed to be in danger (from the public), or a possible threat to themselves. This is further confirmation they are not considered a high risk to real children.
    The police will always respond to cases involving real children straight away – hence why there is a department often called ‘Central Referrals.’ When they receive a ‘first referral,’ even in the middle of the night, they respond (hence why detectives specialising in child protection will be on call out of office hours – if department not 24/7). Unlike vigilantes, the police do a very good job of dealing with real offenders that go after real children. This is a FACT which most vigilantes deny due to the need to justify their own existence.

    Hunting groups have also created the false impression (due to what I’ve already explained) that there is a ‘pandemic of paedophiles.’ Frightened parents now think their child could be groomed, based on this false reality being presented. It’s pretty simple to understand – if you don’t allow your kids to roam onto sites they should not visit – they will not encounter these ‘so -called monsters,’ who are ‘becoming monsters’ after joining an adult dating site – and not, seeking real children where they actually exist in the first place. Besides, legislation to force all adult related sites to operate a string verification sign up policy would completely make these hunters redundant instantly (unless they wanted to pursue real offenders instead).

    Questionable motives.

    There are people that seem to be out to avenge their own experience at the hands of a real paedophile – and while I have the greatest sympathy for real victims – I do not believe ‘inciting a crime’ and presenting a ‘false reality’ is the answer. People wanting to contribute due to their own experience would do far better either getting on the campaign trail for changes in the law, or doing whatever they can to get the authorities to agree to ‘regulated police volunteers,’ that could actually sign up to assist detectives in capturing the real bad guys (and girls).

    Then there are those that clearly enjoy the attention and adulation, clearly seek sexual encounter opportunities with besotted colleagues/fans (so many hunter penis pics going about – sheesh), and those that are clearly motivated by money, and can see that there is money to be made from gullible people who believe their ‘hysterical hype.’

    I have been in favour of regulation from the start (this would have prevented all the unsavoury aspects we have witnessed over the years), and I am in favour of pro-active ideas that would help protect children in an online context (I have quite a few good ones, do you?).

    To those who find my posts ‘disturbing,’ get over yourselves. I will never apologise for having the ability to see these vigilante scammers for what they truly are. Feral, fraudulent, and mainly, knuckle-dragging f**kwits.

    1. Well said. You explain everything perfectly.

  18. The hysteria is strong with these Irish hunters. They'll be posting videos of David Icke and Alex Jones next!

  19. Wigga James from children's pride still pushing pushing pushing. All due to having a hissy fit over the auhtorities stance on chav idiots like him.

    Careful what you wish for James. You're well out of your depth, pea-brain.


  21. Scum list.

    Please be advised you may need to bath in disinfection after reading these names.

    • Nathan Lynch
    • Darren Oneill
    • Karly Jimbo Best
    • Gypsy Decoy
    • Luca Marshall
    • Lara Hunter
    • Decoy Chase
    • Tittch Hunter
    • Alyson Turner Decoy
    • Kyle Hunted
    • Robin Banks
    • Kyla Hunter
    • Dionne Flemming
    • Claire-Lou Louise
    • Lyndsey Decoy
    • Chelsey Harwood
    • Darkest Decoy
    • Louise Hunting
    • Tanya Hunter
    • Mel Richards
    • Ronnie Craig
    • Jim Reape Hunter
    • Chloe Decoy Green
    • Nathan Hunter
    • Hunter Lee
    • Peter Harry
    • Adam Hunter
    • Conor Decoy North
    • Paula Sting
    • Chelsea Lewis
    • Michael Hunter
    • David Essex Hunter
    • Amelia Jaynes
    • Kieran Dixon
    • Soph Craig
    • Sarah Decoy
    • Nigel Hunter
    • Dean Hunter
    • Cory Hunter
    • Amy Hunter
    • Jay Hunts
    • Danni Hunter
    • GP Red Hunter
    • Gordon Sumner
    • Zena Hunter
    • Jack Heisenberg
    • Stacey Hunter
    • Sanchez Bertram Snipes
    • Lilly Brummie
    • Leigh Hunter
    • Kay Hunter
    • Macey Decoy
    • Amber Hunter
    • Chelsea Hunter
    • Donna Hunter
    • Angel Decoy
    • Blakey Hunter
    • Rexter Solo Decoy
    • Darren Hunter
    • Olivia Decoy
    • Tyson Hunter
    • Mandy Bradley
    • Nicole Decoy
    • Lou Decoy
    • Minkzy-lou Decoy Smith
    • Bettie Decoy
    • Millie Decoy
    • Chris Hunter
    • Lex Hunter
    • Justice Hunter
    • Maria Decoy
    • Frankie Hunter
    • Kong Hunter
    • Vin Hunter
    • Ash Hunter
    • Zoe Decoy
    • Raz Hunter
    • Jendecoy Hunter
    • Bailey Hunter
    • Liz Decoy
    • Sophie DeCoye Wells
    • PJ Hunter
    • Mandy Hunter
    • Neil Hunter Decoy
    • Hope Decoy
    • Decoy Paul
    • Godiva Huntercov
    • Decoy Jemma
    • Aisha Decoy
    • Leanne Decoy
    • Louise Hunter Grace
    • Chrissy Decoy Hunter
    • Yaz Hunter
    • Jax Connie Decoy
    • Kurt Hunter
    • Katarina Decoy
    • Geena Hunter
    • Jools Hunter
    • Conrad Pcni Hunter
    • Charli Hunter
    • Lexi Decoy
    • Jezza Hunter
    • Emily Decoy
    • Chloe Hunter
    • Poppy Decoy
    • Tom Decoy
    • Lola Decoy
    • Dev Hunter
    • Lisa de Beavoir
    • Frank Decoy
    • Honey Decoy
    • Tess Hunter Decoy
    • Stephen Hunter
    • Tracie Decoy
    • Chantii Decoy
    • Jamie Decoy
    • Cj Xena Hunter
    • Tara Decoy Williams
    • Ann Angels Decoy
    • Meme Decoy
    • April Hunter
    • Decoy Katie
    • Jo Decoy
    • Lisha Decoy
    • Amelia Hunt
    • Samuel Decoy
    • Rex Solo Decoy
    • JR Hunter
    • Wally Hunter
    • Welshy Decoy
    • Dawn Decoy
    • Tommy Decoy
    • Karlie Hunter
    • Charlotte Decoy
    • Matilda Decoy
    • Leah Decoy
    • Hunter Steve
    • Sharon Solo Decoy
    • Saz Hunter
    • Ethel Decoy
    • Carly Decoy
    • Nikki Decoy
    • April De'coy
    • Joanne Decoy
    • Dolly Decoy
    • Dave Hunter
    • Josie Decoy
    • Katy Decoy
    • Luna Decoy
    • Alice Decoy
    • Ryan Hunter
    • Ellie-Mae Decoy
    • Rocky Decoy
    • Hattie Decoy
    • Shellie Decoy
    • Shauney Decoy
    • Lucy Decoy
    • Matthew Hunter
    • Sam Hunter
    • Hunter Tiger
    • Decoy Helen
    • Charlie Decoy
    • Joy Hunter
    • Scotty Hunter
    • Narla Hunter
    • Jade Decoy
    • Jay Hunter
    • Terri Anne Decoy
    • Lolli D'coy
    • Paul Decoy Hunter
    • Decoy Tyson
    • Sasha Decoy Hunter
    • Jack Hunter
    • Kassie Decoy
    • Pete Hunter
    • Shaun Decoy
    • Ali Decoy
    • Jade Decoy
    • Phil Hoban
    • Jon Hunter
    • Kaz Decoy
    • Peregrine Hunter
    • Kenny Hunter
    • Rea Scouse Decoy
    • Adam Decoy-hunter
    • Abbie Decoy
    • Beki Decoy
    • William Solo Decoy
    • Paul Decoy
    • Hunter Raz
    • Paddy Fripps
    • Tia Hunter
    • Racheal M Decoy
    • Nicky Decoy
    • Billy Hunter
    • Delta Hunter
    • Ann-Marie Decoy Angel
    • Dottie Decoy
    • Sophie Decoy
    • Hunter Harris
    • Billy Hunter Martin
    • Kevin Hunter
    • Mitzi Hunter

    1. Omg that's a long list with name's like Wally hunter there's no hope.

    2. You've missed a fair amount of names off that list....

    3. I've probably missed quite a lot of hunters and decoys off that list but it gives people reading this an idea of just how many feral f@ckwits there are out there.

      It's a shame that Facebook admin are useless because most of the above are fake profiles and should be banned. Often these profiles are used for nefarious purposes.

    4. You forgot one of the worst ones of all Luca Marshall

    5. Sorry just seen Lucas name on the list there's another one real evil one Sierra Decoy that's deffo one to avoid

  22. Another 18 year old's whole life ruined by enormous grandstanding show off, Jamie Ray Upton, aka fat twat in shorts Paddy racist arsehole EDL Fripps.

    While Fripps bathes in his own glory, the young lad, who has made the kind of mistake anyone at that age could, is now finished. If the universe is watching, then give fat fraudster paddy the karma he deserves.

    1. Im disgusted that Fripps would sting a 18yr old but not surprised anything to get his 5 mins of Facebook fame. I remember the whole community turning on Chesley for stinging a 18yr old everyone including the viewers were giving her shit it was the topic of conversation amongst them for ages but no one says anything to that fat fuck when he does the same thing just shows what a load of hypocrites these vigalentes are.

  23. You’re all cunts.

    1. The usual intellgent argument we've come to expect from the hunting community.

    2. 'Spambox Release'

      They are also posting about us in the D&H Info Group. on 'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For Late February

      in response to Ive just joined the 'hunting community' my team have no idea the real reason im here is to warn these stupid men that if they talk to anyone who say they are younger than 16 its a set up and they will get stung. It was so easy to join these vigalentes and become part of there 'team' they really are dumb this is going to be interesting il keep you updated, by Anonymous.


      on 26/02/18

      Statement from KKS regarding stinging the fresh-faced 18 year old last night. ''** With regards to last nights sting, we fully assess the predator before we decide to go live or not. Last night we stung an adult who was fully aware of his actions. He had no learning difficulties nor mental health issues. We stand by our decision to go live **'' Paddy, you're just a racist ex EDL thick chav with no credentials whatsoever. Your 'team' of feral f@ckwits also have zero credentials. None of you are 'qualified' to assess anyone, or anything. FACT. on Danny Knows


      on 26/02/18

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Russ trolling all teams n reporting them hmm on 'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For Late February

      The OSC

    3. Excuse me who are you refuring to ?

  24. Can anyone tell me what “D&H info group” is please?