Monday, 23 December 2013

For Now, We Will Have To Take It From The Ignorant And Malicious, But, Not From The BBC

The danger ...

"When asked how many of the sex offenders were paedophiles – registered sex offenders who offended against children including contact and non-contact offences such as exposures and indecent images – the total number for the six North Wales counties was 525 – Conwy 123, Denbighshire 116, Wrexham 102, Gwynedd 70, Flintshire 67 and Anglesey 47." 

Hywel Trewyn @HywelTrewyn

The prejudice, discrimination and persecution ... 

When Survivors Attack - 1 


23 December 2013 Last updated at 04:31

'Sarah's Law'
[not] sees 700 paedophiles [not] identified

"Sarah Payne The law [not] is named after Sarah Payne who was murdered by a convicted paedophile [not].

More than 700 paedophiles [not] have been indentified since the introduction of "Sarah's Law" [not] in 2011, Freedom of Information requests have revealed.

Nearly 5,000 requests for information were made in England, Scotland and Wales; one in seven resulted in a paedophile [not] being revealed.

The disclosure scheme was named after eight-year-old victim Sarah Payne."

Sarah's Law [not] unmasks 64 paedophiles [not] in Wales since April 2011

Sarah's Law [not] Reveals 700 Child Sex Offenders [a little better, Sky, TY]

Sarah's Law unmasks 700 [not] paedophiles [not] in two years: Five families a week told by police they have had contact with a child sex offender


Sarah’s Law [not] figures released 


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Have you forgotten, Mr Bijan Ebrahimi, so quickly, BBC?

How Many More Will It Take? BTW, It Does Not Matter If They Are 'Innocent', Or Not - 'Sarah's Law' Advert For End-October

Tuesday 29 October 2013

The murder of Bijan Ebrahimi: Demonising child abusers means inevitable violence


23/12/13; 15:46



Does Sarah's law work?


Sarah's law a tokenistic gesture


More to follow. We have received a notification reply.

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