Thursday, 5 December 2013

Please Let Us Know, Franck


Thursday 5 December 2013 11.20 GMT

Marine who murdered Taliban prisoner loses fight to remain anonymous

"Sergeant AB, a 39-year-old who has been in the marines since his 20s, loses fight to remain anonymous"

"The Royal Marines have made it clear they will continue to support him. Major General Ed Davis, commandant general of the corps, said: "Our mantra of 'once a marine, always a marine' is not conditional."

His family has said he has their love and backing. But Blackman's military career is over, his anonymity has fallen away and he faces tough years behind bars in a civilian prison."


November 20, 2013

Top Royal Marine will hold true to duty of care to Plymouth marine convicted of murder

"THE COUNTRY'S top Royal Marine has said he will "hold true" to a duty of care and responsibility to the marine convicted of murdering a captive insurgent in Afghanistan.

Major General Ed Davis, Commandant General of the Royal Marines, reassured his men in the wake of this month's guilty verdict.

In a message to the Royal Marines he said: "We will hold true to our duty of care and responsibility for this member of the corps family, and his family, as he serves out his sentence.

"Our mantra of "once a marine, always a marine" is not conditional.""


Franck Beck (sex offender)

"Background and route into social work

"Born in Salisbury, Beck was raised in Thornton Heath, South London, the son of a train driver and the youngest of five children. Leaving secondary modern school without any qualifications, Beck then spent three years working on a farm before suddenly announcing that he was joining the Royal Marines.

Beck spent nine years as a marine, serving in Borneo and Aden and attaining the rank of sergeant. Emerging with an honourable discharge and campaign medals, Beck apparently turned down officer training and chose instead to train as a social worker."

Thursday 02 June 1994

Notorious child sex offender dies in prison: The trial and conviction of Frank Beck followed Britain's biggest investigation into child abuse 


We wonder if Franck, enjoyed a duty of care and responsibility, him being a member of the corps family, and his family, as he served out his sentence [and after]?

Please let us know, Franck ... oh, you can't, can you?

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