Saturday, 21 December 2013

We Would Not Normally Do This, But, Since It Is Xmas ...

We should like to introduce you all, to Louise ...

louise x @LDKLx 


Now, Louise, probably, had forgotten, that we had chatted before, but, we decided to see where she would take us, today.

In general, Twitter has conflict, but, has fewer, rude, numpties, than - say, Facebook.

Here is today's, festive, session ...


Louise is The Ultimate Keyboard Warrior.

Oddly, Louise is not blonde, grossly-overweight and does not have any obvious tattoos - this must be A Paisley Thing.

We like it when they talk dirty :)


Have a good one Peter !!!


Addendum (22/12/13)

Louise, being the talented orator and public commentator, that she is, responded in the expected manner (embedded Tweets - click date) ....

Dealt with here.

Louise, once again, confirms her grasp of causality, logic, law and Paisley Justice.

Thank you Louise.

Season's Greetings, To You All


Somewhat later ...


Always ...



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