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Mark Williams-Thomas .... Even The Antis Do Not Trust You


December 4, 2013

THE PAEDOFILE: MARK WILLIAMS-THOMAS – Is there more we should know about the Paedofinder General?

"Anna Raccoon FOI request on Mark Williams-Thomas turned dow - why? Grant Shapps Mark Williams-Thomas Rupert Murdoch Surrey police Williams Thomas benefits from paedomania

The secretive life & times of a man with an interest in the myth of ubiquitous paedophilia.

Mark Williams-Thomas (above) seems to have devoted his life to exposing suspected paedophiles….especially at the BBC. His police career and business interests seem to be the subject of an inordinate amount of secrecy. Why? The Slog does some initial digging.

A bit of throat-clearing to open with, if you can bear with me. I have been investigating genuine child-trafficking rings and systemic paedophilia in our schools, care homes, education systems and politics for seven years now. I’ve done so in seven cities, three social services constructs, a hospital, four police forces and two local councils. I remain absolutely convinced that there have been cover-ups of genuine paedophile predators and trafficking for over fifty years at least. So I don’t poo-pooh the reality of privilege and paedophilia as an element in our culture.

But the fact still remains that over four-fifths of all paedophile abuse takes place within families. I follow the systemic trail largely out of my distaste for bullying privilege: it is of far more interest to me than such a disturbing form of sexual deviancy. But it is a tiny proportion of all cases.

That privilege is still working against the exposure of systemic abuse can be observed just from the lamentable state of the Fernbridge Investigation….a case that has been reopened four times in thirty five years, is still going nowhere, and is now being nobbled by the CPS. And in that context, I have well-founded and very strong suspicions that the alleged BBC disc-jockey-presenter-paedo is a mud-slinging case of mass distraction from the real criminals at high levels. I remain very dubious about the role of Newscorp, the Met, and the Conservative Party in what is clearly turning into a largely baseless witch-hunt against the national broadcaster.

All of which has led me to wonder about the role of one Mark Williams-Thomas ..."


November 25, 2013

ANALYSIS: Mob manipulation and dictatorship by stealth snares one of the best bloggers we have.


November 2, 2013
PAEDOFILE SPECIAL: After Shapps attack, BBC’s Paul Gambaccini fitted up, sorry, arrested

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