Friday, 13 June 2014

Elaine Hoo?

Elaine Hook @ed2inspire 


Some old, doddery, spoiled, under-achieving, drug-addled, confused, sponging, thieving, lush etc etc (no offence ... nice eyes, though), continued on his fruitless and, aimless, time-killing vendetta (set some positive objectives, for goodness sake ... no one really cares about the history), when the Educationalist, Ms Elaine Hook, assisted ...

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How Wude !!!


So, let us have a look at Ms Hook's 'credentials'. This is what she tells us (and others) ...


Now, can we find any verifiable, valid, professional, activity, here, in the UK (other than some minimal, NAGC-related tosh)? - none - we are always delighted to be proven incorrect - if anyone is able.

Ms Hook seems to have had some kind of mutant daughter and is a multi-dimensional 'survivor' - 'Lucky' is not Ms Hook's middle name.

Thus, from the evidence, her 'valuable work', is posting to Facebook, Twitter and who knows where else, all day and night, being stupid and offensive - not illegal, of course.

You are a Twitter Sniper. 
All freely-available, on the WWW - and more, too (predominantly, all posted by you).
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Oh really ...

Another one ... as mad as a hatter (with the memory span of a goldfish) - we were, truly, inspired.


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