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Found Not Guilty, In A Court Of Law - Seasoned Liar, Plotter And Deceiver, Or, An Incompetent, Naive And Blinkered Editor? - Only You Can Decide

 to access their voice mails.'"

Andy Coulson stepped in to say that payments were only made lawfully."

"That came to pass in 2003 when Rupert Murdoch gave her the
chair at The Sun. He had not only recognised her intelligence
and work ethic, he had been engaged by her charm."

"She was audacious and inventive in a tabloid world where deceit and
 skulduggery are considered virtues."


Published: 12:02, 24 June 2014 | Updated: 14:39, 24 June 2014

HACKING TRIAL VERDICT: Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson faces jail as he is found GUILTY - but Rebekah Brooks and four others are CLEARED

>Andy Coulson has been found guilty of conspiracy to hack phones while editor of the News of the World
>Rebekah Brooks has been cleared of conspiracy to hack phones and also perverting the course of justice
>Her husband Charlie Brooks, PA Cheryl Carter and head of security Mark Hanna also cleared of perverting the course of justice
>News of the World managing editor Stuart Kuttner cleared of conspiring to hack phones
>Jury still considering whether Andy Coulson and former royal editor Clive Goodman paid public official for royal household phone book
>Prime Minister offers 'full and frank apology' for employing Coulson

Posted: 24/06/2014 13:15 BST | Updated: 24/06/2014 14:59 BST

Phone Hacking Trial: Rebekah Brooks Smirks As She Leaves Court After Not Guilty Verdict


24/06/2014 12:01 BST 

Rebekah Brooks Not Guilty Of Phone Hacking Charges, Andy Coulson Guilty 


June 24, 2014 -- Updated 1407 GMT (2207 HKT)

Andy Coulson found guilty in phone hacking trial; Rebekah Brooks cleared


12:19PM BST 24 Jun 2014

Rebekah Brooks cleared but Andy Coulson guilty in phone hacking trial


Tuesday 24 June 2014 12.31 BST

Andy Coulson guilty over phone hacking as Rebekah Brooks walks free


Tuesday 24 June 2014

Hacking trial: Andy Coulson found guilty as Rebekah Brooks cleared of all charges


Tuesday 24 June 2014

Rupert Murdoch should bear some responsibility for the crimes that the phone-hacking trial uncovered



Rebekah Brooks is innocent. Move on.


Hacked Off?


Hacking trial: Piers Morgan and Louise Mensch declare support for Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks following verdict

Rebekah Brooks post-phone hacking - the comeback


(Embedded Tweets - click date)


Tuesday 24 June 2014 17.29 BST

Andy Coulson found guilty of phone-hacking charge – live reaction


Phone hacking


25 June 2014 

A Battle for the Soul of UK Journalism


June 26, 2014

Bitch-slapping Rebekah


25 June 2014 

Phone Hacking – the trial of Rebekah Brooks et al


25 June 2014 
HACKGATE: Sleeping on Rebekah Brooks 


Tuesday 24 June 2014 14.14 BST 

Rebekah Brooks: ‘she’s always been able to get what she wants from people’


Wednesday 25 June 2014 15.30 BST 

Why it's OK to feel sorry for Andy Coulson 


Wednesday 25 June 2014 18.42 BST

Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power


Wednesday 25 June 2014

Hacking trial: Milly Dowler's sister blasts Tony Blair for offering support to Rebekah Brooks


June 26, 2014 

The bigger the State, the bigger the lies

"Now that all the Old Bailey verdicts are in, myriad slippery vipers are wriggling out of the shadows in relation to the Hackgate trial.

Among these are the deletion of ALL emails from Rebekah Brooks' time at the NotW - a staggering 41 million of them - the removal of her pc's hard-drive (which was then "lost"), the questionable nature of her Dubai holiday "ignorance" of the Milly Dowler affair (she emailed, texted and rang the office several times during her absence), crucial evidence of previous use of blagging experts and hackers withheld from the jury - being ruled not relevant to the charges Brooks faced...and further to my point in yesterday's Slogpost, no, the jury did not see the tape of her admitting paying money to police officers for information.

It seems to me increasingly here that Rebekah Brooks faced exactly the charges she wanted to face; what observers and commentators need to decide now is how and why that situation arose."


27 June 2014 - 8:35am

Phone-hacking trial: Why was Andy Coulson found guilty?

"Early on in the case a veteran journalist described Andy Coulson to me as a "good soldier", and nothing I have seen in this marathon trial has ever led me to disagree with that assessment. The Guardian once reported that the "mantra" at News International when the hacking scandal broke was "You can have Andy but you're not getting Rebekah." Their wish has been granted."




CPS statement on hacking trial


25 June 2014

Operation Weeting trial 
(Embedded Tweets - click date)

Thursday 17 January 2013 10.32 GMT

The Sun's 22nd journalist arrested under Operation Elveden


Arrests up to 13 June 2013

Phone hacking: Arrests by investigation






Andy Coulson sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for involvement in phone hacking


4 July 2014

R‐v‐Coulson and others

"Sentencing Remarks of Mr Justice Saunders - Central Criminal Court"



Friday 18 July 2014

Rebekah Brooks ‘aware her paper was undermining Met’s murder inquiry,’ claims former detective

"A former Scotland Yard detective has claimed he held a meeting in 2002 with the former News of the World editor, Rebekah Brooks, and told her a surveillance operation ordered by News International had tried to “undermine” a re-opened murder investigation."



Monday 28 July 2014 09.03 BST

Bullying and hypocrisy – Andy Coulson’s reign at the News of the World

"In 2005, Andy Coulson was the award-winning editor of the News of the World, presiding over a culture of ruthless exploitation. In the second extract from his new book Hack Attack, Nick Davies examines a world where there was only one rule – get the story at any cos."


Friday 25 July 2014

The pervasive power of Rupert Murdoch: an extract from Hack Attack by Nick Davies 



Saturday 9 August 2014 22.16 BST

News International lawyers face tribunal over alleged hacking coverup

"Jon Chapman and Lawrence Abramson accused of keeping vital emails secret and hiding criminality at the News of the World."




Phone hacking trials : My thoughts






Brooks ‘sanctioned all cash payments’

"Rebekah Brooks had final approval on every cash payment during her six years as editor of The Sun, Kingston crown court was told yesterday.

The trial of six reporters and executives accused of unlawfully paying police officers and soldiers for stories heard that paperwork linking Mrs Brooks to the allegedly unlawful payments had gone missing.

Charlotte Hull, the newspaper’s former news desk assistant, said that Mrs Brooks only signed off contributor payments over £1,000 paid through bank transfers but approved all cash payments regardless of the amount, she said "Any cash payment has to be approved by the editor".


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