Sunday, 8 June 2014

It’s Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare


"Danczuk shows himself to be an opportunistic dick who can spot a speck of dust in someone else’s eye at 100 metres."

"So, it would seem that Operation Fernbridge is now downsizing then… No more has been celebrities for them. Its nonce coppers all the way from now on.

In the same article, Simon Danczuk the MP who exposed Cyril Smith – once he was dead of course – is now considering naming an “influential MP” who abused boys at the Elm Guest House.

What a cunt!

I mean, If he knows who the fella is then he has a duty to report the monster to the old bill and should in fact just name the cunt as a matter of routine.

Moreover, why is he only thinking about it now?

Indeed, it sounds to me like the cunt is hoping to emulate Lard Arse Watson… Morning Tom, you vile fat fuck." 


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Simon Danczuk @SimonDanczuk


Published: Sun, June 8, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Paedophiles [not] raid [don't] social networks for children [images of] in family photos 

Paedophiles [not] leer over pictures of innocent children
[ah, yes, the specs, sideburns and 'tash are a dead giveaway]


"The photos taken by parents are being uploaded to a Russian website for perverts [hahahahahaha] to leer at and make vile comments about them that will horrify the children’s families. [and the answer is?]

Other images on the photo-sharing site, iMGSRU.RU, have been taken surreptitiously by perverts [media photographers?].

They include images of children playing on a beach in Britain and at a petting farm. [Oh My God - noes !!!]

The sinister practice [giggle] is legal [then STFU] as the photos are not deemed indecent, even though the comments show [how?] they are being used for sexual gratification. [Oh My God - noes !!!]

"In all iMGSRC.RU has 637,000 users and 38 million photographs uploaded, most viewed by normal decent people."

"Last night crusading [crybaby] MP Simon Danczuk said: “It’s every parent’s worst nightmare [he said it, really] for photos of their children to be taken without their knowledge and posted on a website where sick people leer at children.”

Mr Danczuk, who has investigated child abuse in his own constituency of Rochdale, added: “These websites should be shut down immediately.”" [idiot]

Published: 12:45, 13 January 2015 | Updated: 13:14, 13 January 2015

British parents discover photos of their children have been stolen from Facebook and posted on a Russian website used by paedophiles [and not]

">Pictures of toddlers have been grabbed from open profiles on social media,
>One mother says a photo of her daughter in fancy dress appeared on site,
>Pictures of children have been posted along with explicit comments,
>Police and schools say they are aware of the problem and warning parents,
>But is unclear whether any criminal offence has been carried out. [then STFU] "


Pictures of Lancashire children found on Russian website used by paedophiles [and not] 


Lancashire MP reports paedophile site [and not] to Government officials

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Simon Danczuk reveals VIP pedophiles [not] will face prosecution along with those who covered up for them.

"Simon Danczuk MP brakes [sic] down and sobs during a BBC 4 radio interview about [alleged] abused children, revealing that here is one MP British people can trust [hahahaha]. A brave Man [keerchhinggg] and an MP who really cares and will stop at nothing to get a nationwide inquiry into [alleged] child sexual abuse."

Published 13 June, 2014 - 15:44

“The party’s been hijacked by a metropolitan elite”: Labour MP Simon Danczuk

"Danczuk sighs that he’ll be “happy to move off” the subject of child abuse, which has so consumed his work as an MP, and is looking forward to concentrating on less upsetting topics."

Date published: 09 September 2009

Danczuk divorced for adultery 

Published: 12:28, 16 June 2014 | Updated: 12:49, 16 June 2014

'I took ecstasy and cannabis': Labour MP Simon Danczuk admits drug fuelled nights out, as wife defends 'cleavage selfies'


'It's good for women in politics to wear sexy dresses': Wife of Labour MP who has caused a storm with her eye-popping 'cleavage selfies' defends her risque tweets

Simon Danczuk - Some Facts

"Domestic Behaviour 

Here we provide two affidavits concerning Simon Danczuk's behaviour at home.

The first is from his brother-in-law, Steven Burke, the other from his ex-wife, Sonia Milewski.

Danczuk does not like being challenged.

For speaking out against Danczuk, Steven Burke was sacked from his job working for Rochdale Labour Party. Seven members of the Rochdale Party were also kicked out."

Later ...
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Date published: 21 February 2015

Simon Danczuk earns thousands from media work


How does an emotionally ill-equipped, morally-[and business-wise]bankrupt, ignorant, misinformed, scaremongering, vote-chasing, defaming, profiteer - spawn of New Labour - get to remain as an MP? - we can only guess it was the idiots who voted him in (barely).

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11 November 2014 Last updated at 02:01 ET

Northern Ireland schoolgirl photos put on pornographic website

"The photographs were those that girls had taken of themselves and their friends

A BBC Spotlight NI investigation has uncovered 731 photographs of Northern Irish schoolgirls on a pornographic website used by paedophiles [sic].

The schoolgirls included pupils from 19 post-primary schools in Northern Ireland, including some of the best known grammar and high schools.

The schools covered a wide geographical area and all communities.

The photographs were those that girls had taken of themselves and their friends.

They were in normal situations, having fun both inside and outside school - pictures taken in innocence.

In some of the pictures underwear was exposed as well as some bare skin.

Neither the pupils, nor the schools, have done anything wrong.

'Real problem'

BBC Spotlight NI showed the images to the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), Jim Gamble.

"Whoever is collecting these images and putting them within the context of this site has a real problem and, in my opinion, an extremely deviant sexual interest in children," he said.

"If I was to find this on someone's computer that they were uploading it, and I was still in the police, they would be arrested that day." [and then what?]

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