Monday, 2 June 2014

When Survivors Attack (Part 4): Lies, Lies, Lies - So Many Pants On Fire

Just above, the search for, Madeleine McCann - we shit you not


On the evening, of 21/5/14, a Sun underling, visited the home of Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield, without request or communication - this is called 'doorstepping', even though, in the past, they have been told not to harass any of our members.

As is our policy, with The Sun - a criminal, lying, dangerous, organisation - we refused to talk to her and warned her that the police would be informed, if they called again.

This led to this warning ...

One Word, Just One ... You Will Be Found And You Will Be Dealt With

If anyone calls, again, it will be taken as intimidation and a proxy threat to life, and a big stick will be applied - no more warnings.


Today, Anthony France, liar, corruption suspect and law-breaker, when it suits him, published another dangerous diatribe.

This is our response, at this time.


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Monday June 2, 2014

Exclusive: Victim's Anguish - Sarah Payne Mum [surely Ms Payne is much more than that?] Trolled By Paedo [sic]

Anthony France,


Online - Last Updated: 2nd June 2014 

Sarah Payne mum [surely Ms Payne is much more than that?] trolled by paedo [sic]


 But the archive always will - you can run, but you cannot hide

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By 3.00 pm, the article was off The Sun, front page, on-line.

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Start off, with a 'juicy' reminder, of who Ms Payne is - 'if it bleeds, it leads'.

Harassed - clearly not, where is the charge?

Pervert internet troll - principled, indefatigable, Twitter user.

Convicted paedophile - no such offence. Not a Paedophile - Grossly offensive, inflammatory and dangerous lie.

Branded abuse victims "liars" - some are, would you like factual links?

On Sun justice campaigner - no she is not, that contract was terminated, some months ago - you require proof, from Ms Keenan? You are a liar.

Cops quizzed the ex-teacher after Sara complained - did they? 'Quizzed' - what is that - was there a choice of prizes? Where? When? - Liars.

but he was released - released from what? Bondage?

pending inquiries - pending NFA.
The 45-year old said "Why is a clearly disturbed ..." - defamatory and incorrect i.e. a lie.

" ... registered sex offender ..." - in name, only ... not a sexual offence.

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"... allowed to publicly harass and abuse ..."  - no, cannot see any charges or convictions - lies.

"... those already victims by paedophile crimes? [sic]" - incorrect claptrap.

"The paralyzed police and CPS ..." - we are sure, that they would take you to task, on those lies.

"... seem more worried about protecting Nigel Oldfield's Human Rights than protecting the public." - it is not only about 'HRs', it relates to many laws, so as to protect the innocent public, such as Dr Oldfield - so, stop your lies.

"I cannot exaggerate the devastating impact he has on our work with victims." - yes you can, you are - stop lying.

You do not do any 'work', you have closed down ... that was terminated, some 'weeks' ago - you require proof, from Ms Keenan? - You are a liar ... oh, but, observe ...
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Oldfield - [blah, blah] - all convictions, now 'spent'.

He has since tried to get the consent cut to 12 - that is a lie, never have done, never will - evidence?

When a post on Sara's Twitter feed ... [blah] - readers will note, the @hierarchy; the response was to Ms Edwards - see the Tweets, in the article, above - quite correct and the current position, from us, even though these communications were quite some time ago, now.

Since that time, they have been given the mute button, so all is well.

When The Sun ... [blah] - dealt with, above.

Mr Whiting has nothing to do with us. Mr Whiting was found to be a murderer.


More ranting, lies and, at least, one piece of sound advice, from 'The Team' ...

Liar ... you by-passed the police/CPS process, because Keenan did not get her own way (quickly enough) ... and went running to France (illegally obtaining an address), again, in a bid to harass, attack, endanger Dr Oldfield; once again, making him homeless.
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So, there we have it ... once again, a diatribe of dangerous lies, misinformation and, simply, Prime Bullshit - as we said and we can always prove.

Now, on the issue of addresses. You, or your source, can only have obtained/disclosed the address, by illegal means; this will be pursued, vehemently. As for the possibility, that another move may be required - so be it ... that is all accounted for, noted and will never be forgotten - debts will be repaid, in full.

Have you any idea, how your reckless, costly and dangerous actions, cause problems for the police and many others? - and you pay for almost all of it - and you will.

Of course, this PR offensive, image-reorientation and Twitter content-shift, from 'The Team', is all a smokescreen, for the forthcoming trial, involving Ms Keenan; so as to paint her in a light she has never been under.

We wait, with anticipation, for the outcome ... oh, and FTR, we hate not one soul ...

oh, BTW ...

Kerrrcchhinnnnngggg ... once again (around £30,000, previously, yes?), from the organisation, that illegally-hacked the mobile, which was provided to Sara Payne, by them.


Addendum (15/6/14)
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 All on record, for all to see ... and the lies, disinformation and harassment still continue.

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More to follow, we expect.

The OSC.

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