Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fatboy Has Grown Some, Now He Is An Amateur (Part 2) - The Ignorant, Prejudice, Disablist, Shock, Gobshite Has Got A Real Stiffy Going On

Talk Squark? - mmmwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Jon gaunt @jongaunt

No Nonsense with Jon Gaunt


Sunnyclaribel @Sunnyclaribel


Chris Wittwer speaks at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010

'Dan Smith'  Chris Wittwer

Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers

UK database for sex offences against children




Regarding vigilantes, Chris - Yes there has, and we have you admitting, that you were responsible for one, but, we know about another, don't we? 
'Stumbled' Chris? Do you mean, your police officer contact, which you are on record, admitting to?

Tell us, Chris, how do you get address details - even when they have not been made available, publicly?


The Challenge - 12/7/14; 22:32:00
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When Survivors Attack (Part 4): Lies, Lies, Lies - So Many Pants On Fire

Ladies And Gentlemen - Please Meet, Mr Mic Wright (Part 3)


More to follow.

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