Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why We Do, What We Do

The Royal Society's motto 'Nullius in verba' roughly translates
as 'take nobody's word for it'.


In the UK (and Elsewhere), in These Days, We Live in Dark Times, Getting Darker ...


"Enlightenment philosophy tends to stand in tension with established religion [i.e. social control - Law], insofar as the release from self-incurred immaturity in this age, daring to think for oneself, awakening one's intellectual powers, generally requires opposing the role of established religion [i.e. social control - Law] in directing thought and action. The faith of the Enlightenment – if one may call it that – is that the process of enlightenment, of becoming progressively self-directed in thought and action through the awakening of one's intellectual powers, leads ultimately to a better, more fulfilled human existence."

Immanuel Kant


The Origins of the Royal Society

The Royal Society of London


Age of Enlightenment


Monday 2 February 2015 

Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities 

"The concept of a new 'endarkenment' is starting to become scarily accurate."

2 February 2015

Exposed: the staggering scale of censorship on campus 

"The first UK-wide analysis of illiberalism in our universities."

February 8, 2015 11:02 pm

British MPs Recommend Prevention Orders Used for Sex Offenders to Tackle Antisemitism on Social Media [false-flag]

"The orders could also prevent them from hiding behind fake identities online."

9th February 2015 

MPs call for 'internet Asbos' for abusive social media users 

"Archbishop of Canterbury backs calls for 'internet Asbos'."

Sunday 1 March 2015 13.07 GMT

Government row over ban on extremist speakers on university campuses

"The dispute centres on the content of an advisory note to be sent as part of a new statutory requirement on universities to draw up strategies to combat radicalisation on campus. The broad issue has been a running sore for years, with some accusing vice chancellors of being too liberal. "

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September 12, 2016

Academic Freedom Dying Because Profs Too Scared to Use It: Report

"Academic freedom in the UK will wither and die thanks to a generation of lecturers too scared to challenge the status quo, a major new book claims today.

Universities are trapped “worshipping at the altar of progressive [sic] opinion”, and individual scholars self-censor to avoid the wrath of their peers, according to the publication by Civitas, an independent think tank."

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