Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Blood On Your Hands - This Madness Must Stop


Published at 12:01AM, July 23 2014

Scout leader among 14 suspects to take own life

"More than one in 50 of the suspects arrested in a nationwide investigation into child abuse images have committed suicide.

A scout leader is among 14 people who have taken their own lives after police made 660 arrests in six months as part of Operation Notarise. Many more have attempted suicide or self-harmed." 


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The Home Office And The NCA/CEOP Sell Us A Distraction - And The Sheep Fall For it - In Their Flocks


21 Dec 2004

Child porn suspect suicide tally hits 32

November 2010

‘Massive miscarriage of justice’

Operation Ore - A Victim's Story


Is there anyone out there, in 'power', with the integrity, humanity, honesty and knowledge, to do something?



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