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10/2/14 - Time For A Few Home Truths - An Opportunity, So As, To 'Educate Yourself' - Part 2 - Better To Walk Away And Let Natural Selection Play Its Part?

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Saturday 15 February 2014

Statement about suspension of ‘Mental Health Cop’ Twitter account


When one is a professional, and has taught adults and minors, for most of one's working life, formally and informally, one learns, that people can be the following ...

Those with the lower, unchangeable, cognitive abilities - The 'Stupid',
Those with the higher, unchangeable, cognitive abilities - The 'Clever',
Those in-between.

Those who hate-blindly - The 'Bigot', The 'Ignorant',
Those who hate, for some, evidenced, reason - The 'Victim',
Those in-between.

Of course, it is much easier to like, and make friendships with, some of these, than others - but, all can have an edifying and positive contribution (if tiny), to one's development, spirit and wisdom.

The problems arise, when people come in certain combinations and in certain environments.


More to follow.

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