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Listen To 'Stinson Hunter' Rewrite History, Interpret Incorrectly, Minimise And, Simply, Get It Incorrect

Stinson Hunter - Assistant Chief Constable Karen Manners


"Stuff he cannot talk about." Who is your 'Chris Hansen' - does he have the authority, to disclose anything to you?

The most important things of all, Stinson ...

No one has committed a crime/broken the law, until they are found guilty.

It is your responsibility, to be aware of the law, not to be told it.

How do you possibly know, what CEOP and local forces, operationally, are doing/have done?

Every case, will be decided, on its own merit.

Do you really want us to go through the archive, so as to dismantle, your lies and arguments?

The answer to your last point, is this - recall, it is one of the functions, of the police, to prevent such actions, including any carried out by you (or others), now, or in the future. There are many legal vehicles, to make this happen.

You are not 'The Press'.


Let us have a look, at one of your, 'successes' ...


May 30, 2013

41 year old male who works for Derbyshire Police and Fire services, caught on video!

Outcome ... 

08:00 Wednesday 26 June 2013

'My life is not worth living'

16:26 Tuesday 14 January 2014

Facebook sexual grooming [alleged] case in Swadlincote dropped 

"Yesterday at Derby Crown Court Mr M entered a not guilty plea to attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming on May 19 and May 30, and the prosecution said it offered no evidence against him.

Recorder Stephen Lowne told Mr M: “You pleaded not guilty.

“The crown have offered no evidence against you and so I enter a not guilty verdict.”"

Thursday 19 September 2013

'You haven’t been speaking to a 15-year-old girl, you have been speaking to me': The rise of the online vigilante paedophile [sic] hunters

"DM, an IT expert from [redacted], Derbyshire, was charged this week with attempted grooming over another sting by Mr Hunter who posted the confrontation online. Police considered whether Mr Hunter, who says he inspired Letzgo Hunting, could be charged with any offence, but prosecutors said there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers said: “Those who take this approach to exposing paedophiles [sic] could be breaking the law and may find themselves at the centre of an investigation or prosecution.”"

"It's not going to wash in court." - Oh dear, Stinson - so much for your knowledge of the law ... so many classics, in this video, of you harassing and defaming an innocent man, destroying his life and putting his life in danger.

If it were us, we would take you to the cleaners - if you were still able to be taken anywhere.


Let us have another, and a 'new', look at the real Stinson and his associates ...

Trashing hotel room

Axe vs Bass Guitar! YouTube

One gets the most enlightening effect, if one plays them, simultaneously.

More of Stinson's thoughts, here ... 

Freedom of speech is dead!

Things Happen. 


4 Feb 2014 15:13

Cops threaten Coventry paedophile [sic] catcher Stinson Hunter with legal action

"Warwickshire Police sent crime fighter letter warning him to stop taking law into his own hands."

February 04, 2014

Stinson Hunter criticised by police 

"It is a rare move by the forces to make such a strong public statement and is believed to be a reaction to an on-going row with Hunter, in which he says he has been threatened with legal action by the forces if he does not stop his online work."

04 February 2014 17:11

Police issue statement in relation to the actions of ‘Stinson Hunter’ 

"Also, if the individual has children, they could be bullied or attacked by “vigilantes” or the family home could be subject to attack, which would place the individual’s family and children at risk of serious physical harm.

If Stinson has given any thought at all to the consequences of his actions on those innocent associates of the people he targets, his behaviour would suggest he is reckless as to whether or not this occurs."


Published on Feb 5, 2014

Stinson Hunter - ITV News Central Interview


Posted: February 05, 2014

Stinson Hunter vows to carry on despite police warning

February 5, 2014

Police Issue ‘Warning’ to Stinson Hunter

Posted: February 07, 2014

'Paedophile catcher' Stinson Hunter vows to continue despite police warnings

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