Saturday, 15 February 2014

And Even Though Jim Gamble, Created Most Of The Congestion, Competition & Confusion - Let Us Guess, What He Would Like The One 'Brand' To Be?

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February 12, 2014

#SaferInternetDay2014, Still Confused?

"In my opinion, Safer Internet Day has become more about white noise, sound bites and photo opportunities than anything else. There are still too many messages from too many sources, reaching too few people. So I’m not convinced that it leaves parents better informed or less confused. All of the undoubted good work is undermined in my opinion, by a lack of clarity about where to go in the midst of an online crisis.

Did you notice Safer Internet Day this year and, if so, what did you think?

Do you feel better informed, better able to navigate the online world or advise your kids because of it?

The fact is few parents, let alone children, know where to go when they need help because the online safety sector is congested with too many charities, agencies, and child protection professionals, many with competing agendas which is why confusion generally rules.

Big charities guard their ground like big business and small charities are forced to fight for funding year on year. That congestion and competition simply adds to the confusion. Someone needs to take the lead and whilst that might mean some noses will to be put out of joint, child protection isn’t an industry that should be driven by competition. It needs to be driven by mature collaboration, focused on what’s best for the child.

This government has, in my opinion, an appalling record when it comes to online protection. They seek the path of least resistance; what’s easy; what’s cheap and what rhetoric will pass for a commitment to protecting our children. They seem to find it easier to attack the internet industry, rather than critically reviewing and challenging their own performance and would rather describe issues relating to web cams and sexting as new and, or emerging problems, when the fact is, they are not. But better to describe them as new than to face the fact that too few resources are committed to the problem."


Never have you stooped, so low, Gamble, criticising the very people, organisations and charities, who paid you, and supported you, in the creation of the quagmire of lies, death and destruction, you now have the audacity to question.

Not only are we, still, sickened, that you exploit all those around you, including vulnerable victims, some real, some not, some stupid, some wise, for, nothing more, than personal greed and false-prestige. What sickens, most, is that you do it, so blatantly, like no one is aware of what you have done, and what you are doing.

Still pretending, that your departure from them, was a noble gesture, when again, it was nothing more, but the bland, self-serving, unavoidable, action of retirement; merely a prelude, to the creation, of another unqualified, potential-cash cow, called INEQE.

We are not unreasonable men, nor are we vicious, violent, retributive, unforgiving or religious - but, if we were, we would say, that you are truly Evil - in the not too distant future, we will be looking for a hot, painful, spike, in Hell, for you, to spend the remainder of eternity - perhaps, perhaps then, all those who have fallen in your wake, will receive justice - we live in hope.


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